I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine. He shall be my squishy.

You know, some days, I feel like the fish from the tank in the dentist’s office in Finding Nemo, after they’ve been bagged so the tank can be cleaned, and they fall out the window into the ocean.  And I’m sure you’re reading this going “alright she lost her mind.”  But seriously, those fish in Finding Nemo, they had this incredibly well-orchestrated plan.  They thought they had everything figured out.  They thought they knew what they were doing….. until they ended up in plastic bags floating on top of the ocean in Sydney Harbour….

What application does this have to my life?  Well…. quite simply…. most days I feel like I’ve “got this,” as I’m quite fond of saying lately… thanks to my little brother.  Most days I feel like I know what I’m doing, and I have everything under control.

But then there are the days where I feel like, like all the fish from the tank in the dentist’s office in Finding Nemo, I’ve reached a point where the only thing I can say is “Now what?”

I’m at that point.

But unlike those fish, I have a God who loves me, cares about me, and has plans to prosper me and not to harm me (Jer. 29:11).  So though I feel a little disheartened on this Friday night, where I watched the episodes of Big Bang Theory and Bones that I missed last night on the internet and ate pizza by myself…. I know that all things work together for my good, and that eventually, some day, this too shall pass.

So for now, though I have nothing better to relay than my life as it relates to a moment in a Disney movie….. I sit and wait patiently for the day when I’ll have some more funny stories to share.

But until then…..

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine.  He shall be my squishy.

lol I couldn’t help myself.


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