An interesting article I found.

Yesterday, I was cruising around a couple dating sites, tweaking my profiles, updating pictures, etc.

I found that eharmony has a blog.  I read a couple articles.  I found this one interesting.

It struck me a bit as I’ve now had two guys just up and stop talking to me. It can leave one feeling a wee bit insecure.

I’ve been reflecting on this a bit.  What I’ve concluded is that it doesn’t matter that these guys have just stopped talking to me.  If they aren’t interested in getting to know me, then they’re not worth my time, and they’re not right for me anyway.

I’ve given this to God.  I pray about it regularly.  I ask God to show me clearly where there are men with potential for me.  I also ask God regularly to show both me and whomever I’m currently talking to whether it’s worth continuing to invest time in a relationship or not.  Given what I’m asking for, I’ve decided that I will not get myself in a tizzy (lol… I should say that more often) when a guy stops talking to me.  It’s a considerable amount of time that we didn’t spend talking only to find out he’s not right for me or I’m not right for him.

I’m learning a lot about myself through this process.  I’m learning one huge thing, though:  I hate dating.  I can’t wait until this stage of my life is over, but I’m willing to stick it out, and I’m holding out for God’s best while I do so.  And God’s best so far is elusive.  But I can do this…….. I think.


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