Another interesting article ;) …. or a couple more…

I have spent the majority of my Sunday afternoon relaxing, reading some blog posts all over random places on the internet, and playing around with linking my various social media outlets together to get some publicity for this here blog.  I stumbled upon this one, called Browsing for a Husband, on Boundless, a Webzine sponsored by Focus on the Family.  It was linked by Christian Cafe.

It made sense that I post it, as it is a really nice follow up to my review on the various online dating sites that I use.  Everything that Boundless has to say about the pros and cons of Online Dating are absolutely points that I agree with, and I would like to encourage anyone who’s trying to muddle through this crazy online dating world as a Christian single to really dig into their intentions, their reasons, and their aspirations for going this route.  It’s not an easy road, or certainly not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

I’d like to strongly urge those of you who fit into that category, single Christians trying to date online, to really pray.  Intentionally.  Pray for a husband.  But don’t be wishy washy in your prayers.  I can’t say I’m good at this…. I need practice, FOR SURE.  But another article on Boundless that struck me was this one, on Praying Boldly.  It reminded me a lot of what a speaker I heard preach this summer while volunteering at a Camp had to say about prayer.  We’re told to use the scriptures to pray — to claim the promises that God has made for us.  This second article gives some really solid ways to do that, even with a word-for-word example, and how to apply that to your prayers for a husband.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Another interesting article ;) …. or a couple more…

  1. Two of my favorite passages of scripture are Matthew 21:2021 and Mark 11:20-25 because they talking about asking and receiving. Too many of us won’t just ask. The Lord knew the desires of my heart were to be married and I knew His desire for me before I got married was to work on my heart and spirit. I am so blessed to have married His gift for me 8 years ago. And I hope the same for you.

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