New Year’s Resolutions — and other important things to blog about on January 1

So I read a blog this morning about New Year’s Resolutions.  I had been thinking about them quite a bit myself in the last couple days… and largely, how pretty much no Resolution I’ve ever made has ever stuck.  There was one year where it stuck — the resolve to lose a bunch of weight in 2010.  It worked, but more out of a need so desperate to have control over something… anything… in my life, that I was able to grasp control of that one thing and not let go.  And it worked.

But while yes, it worked, it’s about the only one, as I said, that ever has.  And I’m sure that’s not how God intended for me to make resolutions.

I’d rather make covenants with God, to be honest.

And church this morning was such a huge confirmation of that.  Even the Preacher stood at the front and talked about how he doesn’t want to make resolutions this year because he’s never able to keep them, but that the only thing he wants to do this year is to constantly refocus on the Good News of the Gospel — the Gospel that’s for everyone.

I had considered a resolution to lose weight (I gained a bit more back than I’d have hoped after my successful 2010 resolution), one to focus less on dating, one not to worry so much, one to procrastinate less….

And then it occurred to me……..

“All of these things I want to ‘resolve’ to change could all be taken care of in ONE covenant/resolution/commitment.  Whatever word you care to use for it.”

So here’s my New Year’s “resolution:”

To constantly give my life to God, everything in it.  My finances, my dating/love life (or significant lack thereof {and that includes embracing my singleness as the gift that it very much is for the season that I’m in it}), my job, my relationships with family and friends.  My free time, my hobbies, my eating habits, my exercise habits.  Relying on God for the provision that I need in all things will make all the things I struggle with easier.

Now don’t misunderstand me.

I’m NOT saying that fully relying on God is going to make everything a happy go-lucky joy-ride sailing through life.  We’re not promised that.  But the God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow loves me enough to care about how my life goes, and I trust that He’ll honour that commitment to drawing closer to Him and getting into a deep relationship with Him in the ways He sees fit.  And while I know that what He sees fit may not (let’s be honest, will not) always be what I was hoping for, or what I thought best… I also know that whatever the circumstance, whatever happens — He works all things together for my good.

And that’s a comforting thought to go to bed with.

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?  Did you make any??  Do you keep them???  I’d love to know.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions — and other important things to blog about on January 1

  1. …….to draw nearer to God not only as my day begins … I am good at taking time with him in the morning … and not only as my day ends … I am getting better at that, too … but throughout the day …. through the ups and downs of work and home life, I want to consciously seek His voice. I don’t want to come to the end of the day and realize that … once again, I have tried to live out the details of the day on my own strength …. I want to take more time to quietly listen and learn to hear Him speak to me about even the smallest aspects of my life and then have the courage to act on what He says no matter how odd His will might seem to those around me.

    1. Those sound great!!! Thanks for sharing! I wish you all the best with those, they’re certainly not easy to stick to, knowing from much experience. But worthy aspirations to be sure!

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