Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I feel like shooting Cupid today and telling him not to touch me….

just thought I’d share.

Not particularly because it’s Valentine’s Day.  I suspect I’d feel this way either way.

I want Cupid to stay far, far away from me.

That is all.


Bucket List

Inspired by a wonderful young lady, I’ve written a bucket list of things that I’d like to do.  Some of them are very specifically ‘to be completed before I’m no longer single,’ while others are more just things I’d really like to do at some point.

Check them out, just thought I’d share.  Not totally looking for feedback, though if you have comments, that’s fine too 🙂  I like comments.

My Bucket List — complete with pictures!!

  1. Strive to be thankful in all things. Love the Lord, my God… with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength.
  2. Read the entire Bible.

  3. Travel – See the South Pacific; Return to Washington, DC; Return to Banff

  4. Work out and get the body I keep saying I want, but never work for; lose that 30 pounds that I found again over the last year and a half; wear the size 8 jeans I bought but was never able to wear.

  5. Run a 5k

  6. Learn the Harmonica.
  7. Get my blog to 350 followers.
  8. Do something with my hair (open to suggestions!)

  9. Own my own home, and stop dealing with other peoples’ crap as a direct result
  10. pay off my credit card and line of credit
  11. Fly a kite barefoot on a beach at night (lol, don’t ask!)    ….. this kite should probs glow in the dark.
  12. Drive to California
  13. see a tornado in person (my being afraid of dying prematurely may prevent this from actually happening, but it would be really neat)
  14. sit in a natural hot spring
  15. sing Rolling in the Deep in front of a crowd of people (karaoke?)

Some decisions made.

What!?  Two blog posts in 24 hours?!  AMAZING!!  haha.


I was bouncing around Twitter on my phone last night before I went to bed.  While doing so, I found this article posted by a girl I was friends with in high school.  It’s called, “Let God Write Your Love Story.”

I found it refreshing, because it was taken from the perspective that singleness is not a curse, but yet at the same time it wasn’t so brazen as to declare that one’s time of singleness should be referred to as a gift.  If it’s a gift, I want the receipt and I’ll return it, thanks.  No, this article clearly lines out how big of a deal some of the things that happen to us as singles can be.  It talks about how married people are not the only ones who matter.  FINALLY!

This seems unbalanced to me. Married people are not the only ones deserving of life guidance [the author states, having commented on the decided lack of books on singleness in any Christian book store]; singles are making quality decisions that determine the direction of their life, and not just one decision, but many: Who are you going to befriend? What school will you go to? How are you going to pay for it? What job are you going to pursue? Where will you live and travel? What church will you invest into?

Not to mention decisions like — how will you save your money?  Where will you invest it?  What will you do with it?  Will you save it?  Or spend it as though it doesn’t matter because there’s no one to run your purchases past.  These things came up in my mind while I was reading the article last night, especially since I’ve recently created a budget that I feel I can actually stick to, and it’s working, but I have been feeling like I could use some Biblical guidance as far as what God expects of me and my money (beyond the “tithe 10%”).  I felt very “single,” I guess you could say this morning in church when our Pastor explained a new Bible Study designed for young families on how to manage your finances the way they Bible tells us to.  Doesn’t this sound perfect for me?  That’s what I thought to myself… but there’s a hitch.  It’s for young families.  It’s placed on the same night as kids’ clubs so that families can drop their kids off and be supervised while they go do the study.  I’m not welcome.  Why not?  Because my family is presently myself and my beautiful dog.  I joked with the friend sitting beside me that I could bring a stuffed dinosaur and drop it off at kids’ clubs so that I could attend… but even if I made a stink at this point, it’d just be awkward to go when everyone else is married and looking from that angle.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a bit off topic.

The point that I want to make is that I’m not sitting around waiting “for love to find me.”  I don’t want to waste my time like that.  I’d rather take up new hobbies; work out; spend time investing in my friends; grow into a deep, healthy relationship with my Saviour; travel — all over the place!  After all, I don’t have to run my purchases by anyone, and I don’t have to worry about anyone else not wanting to go where I want to go (pretty much everywhere… not gonna lie).  A single girl’s “bucket list” if you will [credit to Bren for coming up with that ;)].

I’m not going to renew any of my dating site subscriptions as they expire.  And I’m not going to check the matches via email when they come in anymore.  If someone makes contact with me, I’ll respond, but I’m not going to sit and pine.  I’m tired of it, it isn’t constructive… in fact, it’s rather destructive.

I imagine this probably sounds passive to some of you, but if I’m meant to be in a relationship… it will happen.  God’s in control, He knows what He’s doing, and I’m tired of trying to force it.

The end.