A link, that is interesting, and not fraught with poorly used commas, and dangling prepositions, like this title is…

My apologies for my horrifically infrequent blog posts.  I’ve nothing about which to write, you see.

Someone posted a link to this video on Facebook, and it popped up in my Newsfeed, and while it is 14 minutes long, it is worth the watch, in my opinion.  It’s all about a lady who took her singleness as a time from God to embrace His plan for her life and just go with wherever He wanted to lead her.  I really enjoyed hearing her talk about her journey, and as I get closer and closer to that spot in my own life, where I’m just happy that I have my God, I ponder that maybe someday my story will sound like hers….. without the whole ‘moving to Africa’ part of it.  Hehe.


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