Watching the wind pick up

Today, I watched the wind pick up.  Maybe that sounds crazy.  Let me explain.  It was a very calm, still morning here at Camp.  I wanted some time to myself so I took my Bible, my book, my camera, and my journal out to the end of the dock.  As I was walking out, I noticed that because it was calm, the water was so still that I could see right to the bottom of the lake, even further toward the end of the dock.  I’m not usually able to see the rocks… in fact, I didn’t realize that the bottom was so rocky there, as I can’t touch the bottom when I jump off the dock.

During the span of time while I was sitting, enjoying some time to myself, the fish were jumping in and out, creating some pretty awesome ripples.  The water bugs were buzzing across the surface of the water, leaving some pretty cool lines as a result.  And the dragonflies were flitting around, landing here and there on the dock around me.  I got some pretty sweet shots of them.

The coolest thing though, was that as I was packing my belongings up off the dock, getting ready to leave to head in for Chapel, the wind started to pick up.  Normally, that’s something we only feel.  If it’s a drastic difference, we can tell when we look at flags and when we look at the trees, but if it’s only a subtle difference, like it was this morning, that wouldn’t give any measure of change.  I watched the wind pick up.  The lake got just slightly choppier.  It started to ripple just a little bit differently.  It was pretty fantastic.

I was just finishing up my last page before I closed it up, and I read this quote, that was just SO striking to me… especially as I had just noticed the wind pick up.

“If you want to be really alert to seeing Jesus’ divine beauty, his glory . . . then make sure you tune your senses to see his grace.  That’s what his glory is full of.”  — John Piper, quoted in Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts”

I was having a bit of a moment this morning.  It’s sad that it had to end.  But maybe, just maybe, if I tune my senses to see His grace, it doesn’t have to.

15.  My baby brother returning home from a Mission’s Trip to Mexico, completely jazzed in his relationship with Jesus as a result… a day early!

16. Water so calm and still you can see right to the bottom.

17. Quiet time at the end of a dock

18. The beautiful sound of Tori practicing violin, drifting even down to the dock on a still day.

19. The warmth of morning sun on my back.

20. Fish jumping out of the water – there’s more down there than meets the eye.

21.  The way one jumping fish causes ripples that radiate outward – aren’t our actions similar?

22. Watching the wind pick up.


All photos taken by me.


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