Survival of the Fittest

The trees are dying.  It’s been so dry.  It’s been raining steadily for 3 days, to the point that they’ve finally lifted the fire ban that’s been on since July 5th… but only to permit fires of 2×2 feet.  This post has been flitting around in my head for over a week, so here I sit now, on a very soggy, wet, rainy, thundery Saturday afternoon with time to write it.  When I was down South at home last weekend, I went a-wandering through my new house one more time.  The house across the street has a gigantic tree in the backyard that is dying.  The leaves are brown and crunchy, and they looked ready to fall off… on August 3rd.  Not October 3rd.  My realtor commented that in a summer this dry, the trees experience Survival of the Fittest.

How glad am I that life is not like that?  By God’s grace, life is not like that.  I wouldn’t want a life like that.  We don’t need to just ‘survive.’  Not only the best of us can succeed.  Everyone has a place and has worth and everyone can do something in and for the Kingdom of God.  We don’t have to be the top of the top.  We don’t have to have it all together.  We just need to be real and we need to be trying.  We need to make conscious decisions to always strive for the best version of ourselves that Jesus has created in us.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say.  Nothing overly inspired today.
Here’s the list.

79. Greg’s mad piano skills drifting through the lodge.

80. singing in front of a microphone – lacking stage fright; giving the gift back

81. swimming in water that’s warmer than the air

82. fog over the lake

83. silliness and Russian accents

84.  Being stretched out of my comfort zone, even if only vocally

85. Die-hards swimming, canoeing, tubing, and knee boarding in a steady drizzle – determination that won’t let a little rain ruin vacation.

86. Worship that goes really even with hardly any practice –> glory belongs to God

87. Holding my own in the office by myself

88. Help that makes work light

89. Patient and understanding Family Campers

90. Denying my inner Cocoa the satisfaction of throwing the Kyocera in the lake.

91. 10,000 reasons for my heart to sing.


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