If I can just feel 1% better than I did the day before…

So I went to a seminar this evening with a friend on cutting sugar and living healthy, the exercise you need to do to do so (wow that’s a PILE of 2 letter words ending in o…), and the balance our lives need in order to live healthy lives.  The guy delivering the talk was in his 40s, and I don’t know many 20 year olds in that fantastic of shape.  The guy was pretty tanked up.  He was showing some before and after pics of some of his clients (he’s a personal trainer), and the last one was of him in college, and what he managed to accomplish in 6 months.
It’s the guy at the top of his blog here that gave the talk… http://www.theleanbody.com/.  And he was by no means overweight to start with.

He told us the story of how he got to be in such great shape.  He was severely depressed, had been on anti-depressants which he took himself off because all they made him do was sleep, and he was suicidal.  He’d planned it out.  He’d written the letter.  He’d made the decision, but he was still scared.  Probably a good emotion, I’d say, at that point.  He was sitting out in front of a gym one day as he was trying to decide when he’d get up the courage to end his own life, and decided that if he could just feel 1% better that day than he had been feeling, he’d stick it out a little while longer.  So he went to the gym.  And sure enough, endorphins delivered and he felt better.  So he went the next day.  And the next.  And the next.  And so on… until 6 months later he was unrecognizable, and in my opinion far too muscled up.  But whatever floats your boat.  It saved his life….

But it immediately got me to thinking… may I never get to a state where I only want to feel 1% better than the day before.  May I ever be grateful for a Saviour who has made it so I don’t have to feel that way when I rely on him.  I am not discounting the very real effects of depression.  It’s a legit mental illness, and I’m not claiming in any way that Christians don’t suffer from that.  But man, was I ever finding myself thankful at the end of that incredibly motivating, informative, challenging talk that I have more to rely on than endorphins…. much as I love them, and I truly do.  I miss them actually… I am embarking on a 12 week challenge with a friend that holds pina coladas and key lime pie at the end…. one of us doesn’t have to buy.  And I sure hope it’s me.  Though I know her…. I’m going to have to kick into some high gear that I didn’t know I ever had if I am going to beat her.  And that’s why I challenged her 😉

All that aside… I am so grateful for Jesus.  For God.  For the Holy Spirit who lives in me and guides my life.  For all of them.  For the fact that even as three, they’re still one.  For the fact that God hears me when I call.  For the fact that I don’t need to rely on my own strength for anything.  For the fact that He has plans for me greater than my own.

This motivational speaker personal trainer dude mentioned that one of the best ways to relieve stress is through prayer.  He then went on to say that it’s a part of almost every religious group out there, and that you don’t even have to be praying to anyone or anything, it’s just a way to decompress and it’s cathartic.  Well, I can’t imagine anything more frustrating than praying to nothing and never getting an answer.  How grateful am I that there is Someone up there, and that I am NOT praying to nothing just to reduce my stress levels.  I don’t have to meditate and focus on the sound of my breathing in order to calm down (it doesn’t really work anyway… trying to focus on my breathing while I’m freaking out merely causes hyperventilating).

He also mentioned fasting as an effective method for weight loss/fat loss because it kicks your metabolism into high gear.  Also mentioned that it’s used in religious settings all the time.  I think I’ll keep it for religious settings… not that I’ve ever done it, but … I dunno… just feels weird to fast to lose weight.  Not for the actual reasons, I understand the science of it kickstarting your metabolism back into gear, I just don’t like the idea is all.

So after a very successful first week of school… where, might I add, I’ve not yelled once (that was a major goal for this year), I am feeling pretty thankful.  I haven’t written much down, but I had some hysterical moments with some fantastic kids.  I have two grade 4 twin boys who, while not overly participative in French class, are just little hams in Drama and are going to rock it.  We played charades today… one acted out knocking on a door and there being no one there… complete with impatient foot tapping and watch staring, scowling faces, and increasingly harder knocking.  The other acted out playing golf… complete with accidentally throwing your club when you swing, watching while shielding your eyes from the sun as it falls to the ground, and then face palming.  It was brilliant.  I wish I had it on video.

There are challenges as well, for sure, but tonight I’m feeling like I KNOW this verse to ring truth out everywhere:

“What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us?”  Romans 8:31 NLT

209.  Doggy goodnight kisses and cuddles.

210.  Kids rushing over to give hugs after a summer apart.

211.  EA support 3 times a week where it’s truly needed!  EAs are so fantastic, it’d be hard to do our jobs well without them!!

212.  Wonderfully useful housewarming gifts.

213. A great first week back!

214. Hilarious kids.

215. Helpful neighbours!  My grass is cut, and right before we’re forecast to get 50mm of rain tomorrow!  YES!

216.  Motivation to kick my butt into gear.

217.  The clarity to do it for the right reasons –> because I’ve been given a body to take care of.

218.  Being trusted with big things at work — mentoring a new teacher.

219.  Sticking to my goal –> I haven’t yelled once.

220.  Romans 8:31

221.  Lovely evening strolls with little nooks and paths to help you forget you’re in the heart of the city.

222.  My playful pooch.

this isn’t quite so playful… but I’m thankful that my playful pooch trusts me to take care of her. It’s thundering like crazy out, and that scares her, so all but her hind end went under the couch tonight… but as I type this she’s curled up on my floor sleeping comfortably, knowing she’s safe. That’s special to me.

223.  Truth on the trail.

All photos taken on my Motorola Charm.


2 thoughts on “If I can just feel 1% better than I did the day before…

  1. dude I agree with everything here!!!
    you know Mike suffered from depression for YEARS because of his health…it started back in his senior year of college where he packed on almost 60 lbs.~~
    i said 60.
    anyways, it followed him everywhere( the depression)
    it was ugly and miserable and it almost destroyed our marriage and our ministry and ..ya..it sucked.anyhow..one day, he decided enough was enough. so he started running and P90X’s and alll that jazz..~ He lost almost 70 lbs.
    Found his happy self again~~
    Salvaged our broken marriage and also renewed his zeal for ministry..

    Exercise and clean eating bring life.

    Im glad your week is going well~~ congrats for not yelling!! Ron Morrish would be proud

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