Cruising with the windows down

So this morning I was headed to the new church, this is the second week.  I knew where I was going, there’s a bunch of shopping right in that area that I’ve been to lots of times.  But this week I was picking up a friend I know from Camp who asked for a ride.  I was super stoked because I love this girl, we go way back to when I used to spin her around by the hands in Church basements.  We’re birthday buddies — we were born on the same day, 7 years apart.  I’ve known her since she was like 2.  We have a very special bond.

SO I get in the car to go pick her up.  I had written directions down, I thought that would be wise.  Problem # 1 started when I slept until 8:45 am.  I needed to leave by no later than 9:05, and my greasy disgusting hair could not pull off another day without being washed.  Into the shower I hopped.  8:48 am.

8:56 am — out of the shower.  An impressive feat, if I do say so myself.

9:02 am — bangs are blowdryed so they don’t look like they were styled by a 4 year old.  The rest of my hair was soaking wet, but I had a half hour of driving ahead of me, it was totally fine.  I got dressed really quickly.  REALLY quickly.  Good thing it’s a very casual church and I just threw on jeans and a hoodie.

9:05 am — pulling out of the driveway.

9:07 am — sitting at the first stoplight, realizing I’d left my phone sitting beside my bed.  No time to go back.  Didn’t really need it, but it’s amazing how much of a security blanket that thing has become for me.

9:37 am — realize that although I knew where I was going… and thought I knew how to get there… somewhere along the line I’d done something wrong.  I should not be going down the other side of the escarpment… I need to turn around.

9:39 am — turned around and pulled out the GPS.

9:47 am — arrived at destination precisely on time — between 9:45 and 9:50, just as I’d said.  This enabled us to arrive at church at 9:55, perfect timing.  Seated two minutes before the service started.  Excellent.


And that’s when it hit me.  I was lost.  I didn’t know where to go.  I thought I did… thought I had it under control.  Had directions with me, but didn’t look at them because I ‘knew where I was going.’  Anyone else seeing life parallels here?

My Bible — a road map for life.  How often does it go untouched?  Because I feel like I’ve got everything under control.  I don’t need help.  “I’ve got this.”  Well, great, but…. not good enough.  Not at all.  The Bible is not there for me to crack open only when I realize that I’m lost and late can’t get where I need to be without it, like my GPS this morning.  I could have used a map too, but it’s very handy to have something on your dashboard tell you “in 500 metres, make a Left.”  If only the Bible were that clear in our lives sometimes.  But that’s where community with the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son come in.  The Spirit can guide and lead me in the way that I need to go, if only I listen.

I learned this lesson today because I was cocky.  I thought I knew what to do, where to go.  I didn’t.  I missed one turn somewhere.  After church, I looked at my directions and still couldn’t totally figure out what I did wrong.


240.  Maurice’s return policy.  I walked in WEARING a pair of jeans that are too big because they stretch out a lot during wear and I didn’t know that when I bought them.  I really like the jeans, so I walked in intending to BUY a pair a size smaller and just deal with them being too tight for half an hour.  What ended up happening, was I left in the brand new jeans, gave them back the old ones (that I’ve had for a month and a half), and didn’t pay a cent.  No receipt, nothing.  They took back my dirty jeans and let me walk out in new ones that fit.  THAT is customer service.

241.  GPS’s

242.  Special Friends

243.  Jeremiah 29:11

244.  socks — my basement is cold.  So are my feet.  I like socks.

245.  Washing Machines and dishwashers!

246.  laying in the grass under a tree in MY backyard playing with my camera.


2 thoughts on “Cruising with the windows down

  1. Cute blog! Yes, we do get cocky about our lives at times. Sometimes we forget that He’s running the show. But because He loves us so much and doesn’t want us to screw things up…He always sends us little reminders that – He’s got this! Thanks for sharing!;-))

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