How a Student Made My Day

Here it is… I remembered to bring home the explanation of why I’m awesome.

I feel the need to note… though I’ll copy this verbatim (with the exception of names and locations), many of my students don’t seem to know the difference between yelling and being firm, lol.  I haven’t yelled at them yet, which I’m very pleased with, because that’s been my goal for the year — not to lose my temper.  Anyway, here it is.


September 20th 2012

Ms. Epic (that’s me, haha) is the most amazing person in the world.  She is amazing at french but difiantly not good at math, thats for sure.  She is super pretty and has really nice jewery and clothes!  Ms. Epic is also very good at yelling at students to listen even know she claims to not like yelling at them.  She is very nice to!  She barly gives students homework and thats what i like about her.  I remember the first day she came… i was playing with a sharpener and she said my named my face went red with embaressment and she laughed.. since then ive loved her as a teacher.

In grade 6 and 7 she would always laugh in our class and she would always say this is her favourite class but we all know she says that to every class shes in.  She brightens my day every morning and somehow teaches us in the morning and actually get threw to us even though were half asleep.  Ms. Epic is actually really cool for a teacher… she actually has a life.  She one of those teachers that will laugh even if there having a bad day and still be an amazing teacher.  She also has a dog named chloe (sorry if i spelt that wrong) that she always talks about.. she even has a picture of her with santa.  She just moved into a house but for some reason wont tell me where it is?  I dont know why she wont.

Ms. Epic is one of my favourite teachers.  I remember last year when she did a grade 8 math test and did worse that the grade 8s that year.  We all love Ms. Epic because she can put up with the worst student and can re-say how to do a French problem about 26 times and say it everytime with a smile.  Basically the moral of this is Ms. Epic is an amazing person and she should be a french teacher at Epic School for a very long time, and she wrote on the board write a thing about how awesome i am with 3 paraphs for friday, so here is is Ms. Epic!  I hope you liked it!!! 🙂




Little does this girl know, I may keep this forever.  And read it whenever I’m having a bad day.  Out of the mouths of children…


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