Some Exciting News

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that lately I’ve been feeling angsty (obviously this is not a word) about a lot of things.

Angsty for the most part about work — feeling like I’ve been stuck between a rock and a hard place in between the Province and my Union.  I’ve been feeling I should just give up teaching and write, because we all know I love doing this.

I know deep inside of me that this is not practical, that God has put me in these schools for a reason, and that I am doing what needs to be done — teaching and influencing the lives of children.  I’ve thought on numerous occasions about switching to private education, but I know that’s not my passion.  I know my passion is these kids in public schools who’ve had French teacher after French teacher after French teacher, who need someone who genuinely cares that they learn the language.  I’m not saying that the French teachers before me didn’t care, but I know that consistency is important when learning a language…. or anything, really.  Furthermore, I know that as a single income household, I can’t afford to pay my bills on what a private school pays, and I’m fine with that.  I know I’m where I should be, I just don’t always like it as much as I should.  But that’s more of an attitude check than anything else.  I like it a lot more when I’m giving it up continually and trusting God with EVERYTHING… every part of my job and my life.

So this exciting thing… a friend of mine posted a link to her Facebook wall — the story of a girl named Sarah (whose name I’m quite sure has been changed).  Sarah is a 15 year old rescued from a Brothel in Cambodia.  I’m not going to do the story justice summarizing it, you need to read it here.  Read:  need to read it.  What an incredible story about the movements of God and what happens when we trust His timing.

You see, I’ve been fooled for years.  I have a history degree, I’ve studied slavery.  I’ve read about human trafficking, selling human beings into slavery, and read about how awful it was, how peoples’ lives were ruined, and how people were dragged from their homes, from their families.  It was history.  I was studying it because it happened.  In my brain it happened a long time ago.  And I’ve lived in this comfortable bubble where things are OK, and I’m comfy, and I liked that.  But again, if you’ve been reading along with me these past few months, you know that I’ve been anything but OK with being comfortable, and that God is shoving me out of my comfort zone in about every way I can think of.

I watched the movie Lincoln in November, and I can remember thinking how glad I am that slavery is over (epic movie, by the way).  But it hit me in talking about the movie later with someone, that slavery isn’t over.  It still happens.  It still happens even in North America.  I’m just blinded to it because I’m comfortable and I’ve liked that.

Excellent quote from Lincoln himself that I found in my stash of Exodus Road resources:  “Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.”

And another:  “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

Then I watched Les Miserables over Christmas Break.  And I know, it’s 18th Century France, and slavery was the punishment for crime in a country that didn’t have enough of a workforce to do the work they needed done, it’s “different.”  I don’t care.  Slavery sucks.  And it’s time it came into the light, was exposed, and goes away!

So I’m running around in circles here.  The exciting thing is that The Exodus Road has a blogger program.  They want bloggers with a passion for writing who also have a passion for bringing the issues of slavery and human trafficking to light to blog about issues they send us, and I applied, and was accepted to be one such blogger.  I am so very excited to have a reason to write other than to blow off steam, which, don’t worry, I’ll still do…. and I’m so excited to shed light on a topic that needs so much of it.  Please keep reading.  Please share my posts when they come up….. at least the ones about trafficking and slavery.

Stay tuned for info as I receive it, that Exodus Road wants me to share.


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