Museums, Outlet Malls, and a Super Cute Puppy …. and the story of good old Southern Hospitality.

Today’s adventure into Savannah was much less energized than yesterday’s, haha, we’re both pretty exhausted… but this is how I do vacation… at warp speed.

We finished our Trolley Tour up yesterday by buying a ten dollar re-do day for today that gave us free parking right in the downtown and all day trolley on-off service.  The plan was to go into the city, park at the free lot, do the three museums I’d wanted to see, then trolley all around the downtown again, seeing some of the things we didn’t get a chance to yesterday.

Problem:  Exhaustion.

We finished the Savannah History Museum and the Roundhouse Railroad Museum… and then I couldn’t remember what the third was that I even wanted to see.  We tossed around the idea of just going back to the hotel because we were tired and couldn’t think to do anything else… didn’t want to just wander for the sake of wandering.

So I had a thought.  I thought we could go to the trolley tour sales booth, and explain that we’d done the museums and were exhausted, were going to go back to the hotel, and since we’re doing a dolphin tour tomorrow (YAY!!!  SO excited!!), could we please just apply the cost we spent on the extra tour day since we didn’t tour to the cost of tomorrow’s tour?  Mom was concerned that since there was no way to prove that we were telling the truth, they’d never go for it, but figuring it couldn’t hurt to ask, we asked anyway.  They were SO accommodating, and were happy to discount our dolphin tour tickets by 20.00.

Southern Hospitality.

It’s so nice down here.  Everyone smiles, calls you ma’am, and is accommodating and helpful.  We went to a different hotel than where we’re staying so Mom could check it out, as she will be crashing in Savannah next week again on her way out of Florida, and they let us go look at a room and everything!  So nice.

After all, we made it to the outlet malls near our Hotel, which were awesome.  The book store was my favourite.  I got 7 books for 16 dollars.  So cheap.  The most expensive book was 3.99.  Most were .99 or 1.99.  Beauty.

We went to Perkins for dinner, and outside before going in we met the cutest puppy I’ve seen in a LONG time.  Like, not since my little pooch.  A beautiful, 11 week-old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Samarrah.

Tomorrow, I’m super stoked for touring by the water, seeing some REAL dolphins!!!!!, and eating dinner with some PIRATES!!  Yarr…. Oh, and I bought a Pirate book, and I can’t wait to read it… can.  not.  wait.

Here are the pictures:

Cutest story ever at the Savannah Historical Museum
Roundhouse Railroad Museum
the spoils from the outlet mall
A historical fiction adventure novel about Pre-Revolutionary War Pirates. I cannot wait!!



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