You don’t need to be Batman, Abraham Lincoln, or Jason Bourne…

You don’t.  You don’t need to be any of these epic heroes to rescue people.  More specifically, you don’t need to be one of these epic heroes to rescue slaves.

When I started blogging for The Exodus Road, back a few months ago now, I felt kind of overwhelmed.  I started reading the stories about rescue happening all over the world, and then the stories about people NOT being rescued, people that were still stuck, and I felt very small, and very insignificant.  I mean, sometimes I can picture myself with covert ops training, running into a building with my SWAT team uniform and a Kevlar vest and a sniper rifle (and I know I just combined several different occupations and you’re probably all cringing…), but then I remember that I’m the girl who tells her grade 4s to pay attention to how she cuts a hole through the centre of a circle without cutting herself…. and cuts herself in the process.  I know these are not skills that I possess.  For a deeper look into this idea, click HERE!  Make sure you watch the video that goes with it.  Exodus Road Executive Director Matt Parker talks about the work being done.

Also, if you’re feeling particularly keen on following all of the links that are stemming from this blog post… I know, there are a ton… Read this.  Personally, I can’t help but admire the Batman analogy from this writer who talks about wrestling the contrast between slavery and the suburbs.

Remember, too… that the life of one child plucked from the Hell of slavery is important, and that absolutely any contribution you’re making to that is phenomenal.  Check out this video on what The Exodus Road crew is doing on an ongoing basis to remind themselves of the importance of what they’re doing.  I’m writing for change.  I’m hoping that hundreds of people start reading my blog and all decide that they need to get involved somehow, too.  I’m using a gift I know I possess to the benefit of a cause I deeply care about.  What could you do?  Your possibilities are endless.

This dilemma isn’t new.  Slavery has been around for years and years.  And slavery is hard for us to talk about.  It’s almost politically incorrect, and I think a lot of that stems from the horrible injustices done to African slaves in the 18th and 19th Centuries.  At least, that’s what we know about, so that’s what we resonate with.  It’s hard to talk about for the same reason that when you read Romans 1:1, the word we now see as “servant” but should have been translated “slave” if you look back at the original Greek word, has been altered.  It’s uncomfortable because of where North American culture has seen slavery.  But it should be uncomfortable.  It should hurt.  It should make us squirm.  That feeling is telling you to act.

Anyone who knows me at all knows that Abraham Lincoln is my Earthly hero.  He certainly doesn’t trump Jesus, but he’s pretty high up there in my books.  He even trumps Batman.  Exodus Road shared this video with us in our April newsletter update.  It’s called I’m With Lincoln.  Fair warning:  It’s a bit graphic, and it wretched my heart a little bit.  But I like the idea behind it a lot.  150 years ago, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves of his day.  It got him killed, but he did it anyway.  It didn’t immediately eliminate the issue, but look how far we’ve come.  We need to do it across the globe.  If Lincoln could do it in the US, then surely many many people united on one cause can make an impact around the world.

Also check out (if you’re not yet tired of my link frenzy) Made In A Free World, the producers of the I’m With Lincoln video.  I just learned about them today, but I like them.  Interested in knowing what your Slavery Footprint is?  That is, how many slaves were used to supply you with your lifestyle?  Take this survey.  I did, and I hate the answer.  I came out with 46, which, to be honest was better than I expected, and I know that the survey is subjective and imperfect, but still….. Time for some change.  You with me?

That’s it for today.  Thanks for reading!



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