I am not Bible Barbie

Some friends and I were talking lamenting after church.  We have been noticing a few things, as there are a few of us who are dabbling in the art/science of online dating.

We’re starting to find similarities in the profiles of those we find intriguing, as well as those who find the same thing about us.

A lot of them seem to be looking for a lot of the very same things.  Here’s the general idea:

~ A woman who loves the Lord with all her heart and wants to serve Him together with me

~ A woman who’s smart, educated, clever, etc.

~ A woman who is active and fit, with an athletic build, and curves in all the right places.  Translation:  Please be skinny, toned, with big boobs and an ample booty.

We coined this woman that so many guys we’ve come across are looking for “Bible Barbie.”

She’s got her Bible permanently open in her perfectly crafted hand, cracked open to Proverbs 31.  She’s got her running shoes on and her tennis racket in the other hand, and she’s disproportionately thin.

We had this conversation — not specifically about ideal preferences in a mate, because we have to be honest — we all have them.

I have them.

If I was going to list what I want my ideal mate to look like, I’d tell you that he’s about 6’4″, he’s thin, but not too thin… he’s got broad shoulders and strong arms, and long, lean, runner’s legs.  He’d have a head of thick, dark, wavy red hair, and he’d have piercing green eyes, and a lopsided goofy grin.

But you know what?  I’m not holding out for that.  You know why?

…… I’ve never met a single guy who looks like what I’d list as my ideal.  Never.  I can’t think of a single person I’ve seen, in real life or celebrities, who looks like that.  None.  So while I’ve got preferences, as we all do, I’ve got a realistic expectation that there are a lot of traits that are attractive and I can’t hold out for something unattainable.

My friends and I had this conversation about our bodies and how they change.  Now that we’re into our late 20s and heading toward our 30s, our bodies have a really really hard time looking like that, so the guys that are looking for Bible Barbie…. they’ve really limited their search pool.

I mean, I get it, I want my boyfriend to be good looking, too…. attraction isn’t something I’m prepared to ignore altogether in my search, but I’d rather he be intelligent, witty, hilarious, prepared to lead our family in Christ, sweet, kind, musical (ideally — but I won’t hold this standard up either if it’s not present and other things are)…. and I’d rather he love me for who I am.  For all of who I am.  Whether I lose the weight I really want to or not…..

Especially whether I lose the weight I really want to or not…… because….. when I give the guy the four kids he tends to want (I don’t want four kids, but I’m seeing a LOT of guys who seem to want 4 or 5*), my body is NEVER going back to Bible Barbie’s…. even if it EVER looked like that in the first place.  That’ll be my luck, though, I get the body I want and then I get married and pregnant and stretch it all back out again :p

*as I write this, I received an email on Christian Cafe… the entire text of which says only… and I quote…. “you want 2 kids, but I want like 4 :O”

/end rant

Side note:  Awesomely enough, apparently we’re not the first ones to come up with this idea ~ check out some Google Image results for “Bible Barbie.”

The fact that Bible Barbie actually exists blows my mind… a lot.  I need some time to process this.  That is all.


When Music Feeds Your Soul ~ A YouTube expose on what I’m into right now

If you looked at most people’s internet history, you’d be able to learn a lot about them.  For some, you’d probably learn things you don’t want to know.  For me, you’d see a lot of YouTube lately, because that’s what I’ve been wasting time with, and I thought I’d share some of the amazing things I’ve found.

Some of the things I found made me go upstairs this afternoon and hammer away at practicing violin for almost an hour and a half this afternoon.  Now, not only are my muscles sore from Kickboxing on Thursday (for good reason!  let me tell you!), my arms also hurt from bowing like CRAZY for an hour and a half.  In other news, I can now play Gangnam Style on my violin.  Useful, I’m sure.

Here are a few amazing artists I’ve found while stumbling around YouTube the past week:

Charlie Worsham — the man does covers of a song, plays EVERY instrument, sings, records it, and puts it all together in 24 hours.  He’s amazingly talented.

Here’s the inspiration for my going to learn Gangnam Style on my violin, haha.

Charlie Worsham — Gangnam Style

I’ve loved Lindsey Stirling for a LONG time, but this video is one I hadn’t seen yet, and it’s just so beautiful!  It made me smile the entire time I listened to it!  I mean, playing fiddle for Kenyan kids who’d never seen a violin before?  Amazing.

Lindsey Stirling — We Found Love

These two guys I found today.  I’m not a Britney Spears fan.  I barely even was before she went cray cray.  But when I’m being honest I have to admit that Toxic is a bit catchy.  And these guys — Josh and Rhett — they covered it, and I know that I couldn’t make my violin sing like this, so I won’t try yet.  But man.  Talent.

Josh and Rhett — Toxic

Then there’s Adam DeGraff.  I’m telling you, when these guys saw so hard on those bows that strings go flying off in sheer protest… I could listen to it all day (and today, I pretty much have).  Adam DeGraff is half of the Dueling Fiddlers, and his partner in crime’s name there is Russell Fallstad.

Here is Adam DeGraff playing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey — on a violin with more than 4 strings, which I didn’t know was possible — it kinda blew my mind.

Here are the Dueling Fiddlers playing a mashup of Thunderstruck and Back in Black by AC/DC — yes, on fiddles.

I bet when David Garrett’s Mom paid for violin lessons for him as a kid, she never imagined that one day he’d be on live television and by extension splashed all over the internet playing covers of rock songs… like Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.  He’s also got stuff on YouTube like We Will Rock You, and Coldplay’s Viva la Vida (which I just LOVE done instrumentally.  The Piano Guys have a great cover of it too on piano and cello, mashed up with Taylor Swift’s Love Story.  2Cellos also do it.

Speaking of Cellos, I don’t play the cello.  I’d love to some day, as well as the mandolin, but I need to work on the violin first, because I don’t want to get distracted from something I clearly love.  However, the guys from 2Cellos — They play VERY well.  I’ve always really liked the song Smooth Criminal, originally by Michael Jackson, because it’s super catchy.  I didn’t know it existed until Alien Ant Farm covered it when I was in high school (and to be clear, I had no idea what it meant at that point).  I have fond memories of driving down country back roads in the dark with the windows rolled down and Smooth Criminal blaring out the windows.  You can imagine though, how much I love this 2Cellos cover of Smooth Criminal.  David Garrett also does one on violin.  It’s an even better song as an instrumental, because you don’t have to deal with the lyrics.  When I Come Around is also pretty phenomenal.  I bet these guys never imagined while they were in cello lessons as young boys that they’d play for stadiums full of people one day.

If you needed proof that violins can’t only be used to play classical or country, here it is.  All wrapped up in one neat little blog package.

Anyway, that was my Saturday afternoon.  I spent far more of it watching videos and dreaming of how good I can be one day than I did practicing, but to be fair I practiced long enough that my finger tips are still sore hours later, and my arms were shaking when I finally put the violin down.  I will get as good as I can get, cuz that’s all anyone can ask of me, right?  I have a new teacher and he’s demanding my absolute best of me, and I love him for it, because my last one accepted my mediocrity and let me move on without ever perfecting anything.  She never forced me to make that violin sing, and I don’t think I can get away without practicing anymore!  And I love it!

Further — if you used the rest of my internet history to get to know me, you’d find the following:

* Thanks to Pinterest, I can’t decide whether I want to get really fat, work out really hard, or go shopping and buy an endless supply of skinny jeans, leggings, knee high boots, and oversized sweaters.

* I blog.

* Because I blog, I read tons of other blogs.  To find some of those, read the post I did reviewing all of them.

* I spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook.  It kind of hurts my brain how much, actually.  I did some parsing this weekend, hopefully that’ll help.

* I appear to be a really adventurous cook, but I’m actually really proficient with pizza places and Subway.

* And finally, I am completely fascinated by what the fox says.

I Am From

Confession: I don’t fancy myself a poet.

I never felt especially great at it, even though I’ve always loved to write. This post idea came from She Loves Magazine, which if you’ve been following me at all, you’ll know that I love. They very cleverly included a template for the poem, for which I’m emphatically grateful, because when I read the first few of these, I thought “I’d love to do this… but…. how?” Well, thanks to the lovely template, here’s my “I Am From” poem.

I am from a town of 6,500 where everyone knows everyone, and you wave when they honk their horns. Where there’s only one stop light and the whole town attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony when it was installed.

I am from doors that are windows and a big truck out front.

I am from the big orange brick set just back from the road, the old-style farm-house hardwood, and the creaky stairs.

I am from the acre of grass and the rolling corn fields, the giant maple whose giant limbs I remember climbing up and down.

I’m from putting the tree up during the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, eating green sprinkled Voortman cookies, and drinking egg nog.

I’m from watching Twister during thunder storms, from Mom, Dad, Mike, Grandma, Grandpa, Grammi, and Papa George.

I’m from Monopoly marathons and Cruising World and crawling out the rec room window onto the porch roof to stare at the clouds, watch the storms roll in, and smell the rain.

I’m from “you can do anything” and “clean your room!” and “the locks are on the inside.”

I’m from church, faithfully and with pleasure, every Sunday, Tuesday, and many Fridays, and from singing goofy songs all the way to Grandma’s.

I’m from Welland and Canada, applesauce and Grandma’s cherry pie. From that time when Mike threw the ketchup bottle around the kitchen and it shattered and ketchup splattered everywhere.

But now I’m from the City, which isn’t big but feels it to me. I’m from blending in and disappearing because it’s easy. But I’m also from a church with great friends who love me – great community who won’t let me hide even when it’d be so easy.

That’s where I’m from.

Sex Trade 101 ~ Part One

Sex Trade Education: As a part of the back-to-school season, The Exodus Road (remember, the organization that I blog for to try to help fight sex trafficking?) is starting a Sex Trade 101 series for those of us on the blogger team. Education is a foundational element for people who are committed to the modern day anti-slavery movement. The more we know, the more we are empowered to empower others.  Have you ever wondered what all of this chatter is all about?  Well, over the next few months Exodus Road is providing me with information to give to you, and I’m pretty excited to share.

I’ve admittedly slacked hardcore on this particular section of my blog.  In fact, I’ve slacked pretty formidably on the entire thing since I spent my summer writing for Camp, but we’re all settling back into routines now, and it’s time to get back into this as well.

Let’s get this going with some info graphics.  I think these pretty much speak for themselves, so I’m not going to say much more.  Make sure you watch the couple videos at the end as well.


Did you catch that??  25,894,000,000 pounds are generated

each year by the sex trade.  That’s 42,705,679,500.00

Canadian (42.7 billion) or 41,554,691,200.00 US… 41.5

billion dollars.  Per year.


Check out this video where a girl named Alex who was

rescued by the FBI from the sex trade shares a bit of her



And also — this video — the one you’ve probably seen spiraling virally all over the interwebz, the one of a bunch of Dutch dancers dancing in some windows with some very entertained onlookers — until they flash some sobering stats up at the end.

Everybody is Extraordinary at Something

This post has been… milling, I guess you could say, around in my brain for a really long time…. ok, for about a month.

A little over a year ago, I listened to a sermon that a friend of mine gave me on CD called Everybody is Extraordinary at Something.  It was about embracing the talents that we all have, and thanking God for them, accepting and owning them for what they are.

I think I’ve blogged about this before, but I couldn’t find a post with exactly this title in my archives, and so whatevs, I’ll do it again, with a different flare this time 🙂

There are people who are really good at pretty much everything out there.  But we’re not all really good at everything, and that’s ok.

I think what goes hand-in-hand with recognizing what we’re good at, is being able to own it when someone gives us compliments.

I’ve been reflecting on that over the summer, and into these first couple weeks of my new school year.  There are a few things that I’m really good at, but I don’t like to own them.  I don’t like to accept compliments, and I don’t like to take them for truth when someone gives them to me.  In fact, I prefer to make snarky sarcastic comments and make fun of myself, taking the focus off of what I’m good at.

But because I don’t think that’s a good idea in the long run, I’ve decided to own what I’m good at, put it in writing (which always seems to help me), and throw a secret something out there.

So… here’s what I’m good at.

1.  I teach well.  I’ve had sincere doubts about that in the past couple of years, but it turns out… I don’t enjoy teaching French.  I enjoy teaching, as long as it’s not to 9-14 year olds who could not care LESS about what I had to say.  The Primary Kiddos who run up to me and hug me, who listen, who ask insightful questions about stuff I taught DAYS before when they make a connection… they’ve affirmed it without saying anything specific.  I teach well.

2.  I write well.  I’ve been writing for fun for years.  I took a brief hiatus from it (for fun) during University, you know, so that I could knock off paper after paper after paper with record amounts of procrastination.  I’d like to investigate this further, push myself further in this, and get even better.  Some day, I’ll be a super blogger with my own books, and people will have my books on their kitchen tables.  They’ll get excited when they show up on their front porches in Amazon boxes.  I spent all summer writing nearly daily at Camp, and it took a bit of adaptation to get used to people thanking me for doing it, telling me I was great at it, and being in general complimentary.  It was hard to smile and say thanks, instead of making fun of it.  My next step is to begin guest posting for blogs that I love to read.  I have one set to go live a week from Monday, and another going up in October sometime.  I’m really excited.

3.  I sing quite well.  At this point, I feel like I’m bragging, but I’ve been told I do, and it’s another one of those things that I’m working on ‘owning.’  It’s another one of those things that people will compliment on me on, and they’ll receive a “nah, I was pitchy.”  That being said, in an attempt to not be so reluctant to own this one, because I can’t teach any of you anything from my rec room couch while watching NCIS, and I can’t write for you….. well, I’m doing it right now, I guess… but anyway….

Last night, I was stumbling around the internet, found a girl on YouTube who does violin covers of hot pop songs, and it made me want to be like her.  Then, I found a girl who does mandolin covers… and it made me really excited because I’ve been squandering musical talent for years (prompting me to switch violin teachers, practice more often, and pick up the mandolin as well this year), and it gave me some dreams to inspire to.  So I found a song that is good for my range, I sang it into my phone…. I put it on my computer… I sang it into my phone again, this time singing a harmony part…. and recorded me singing with myself.  Now unfortunately, I can’t upload videos right to WordPress without paying for it… but I can upload videos to YouTube and then give you a link…. so….. here ya go!  Here’s me singing Ho Hey by the Lumineers… the audio quality is absolute garbage because it’s an iPhone recording, followed by another iPhone recording of me singing TO an iPhone recording… clearly there are better options for split tracking.  Also, the jingling noises are my dog running around, haha, but anyway, here’s me singing in two part harmony.  I always wondered what it’d be like to do a duet by myself….  Maybe it’ll go viral and I’ll become a superstar.

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