Everybody is Extraordinary at Something

This post has been… milling, I guess you could say, around in my brain for a really long time…. ok, for about a month.

A little over a year ago, I listened to a sermon that a friend of mine gave me on CD called Everybody is Extraordinary at Something.  It was about embracing the talents that we all have, and thanking God for them, accepting and owning them for what they are.

I think I’ve blogged about this before, but I couldn’t find a post with exactly this title in my archives, and so whatevs, I’ll do it again, with a different flare this time 🙂

There are people who are really good at pretty much everything out there.  But we’re not all really good at everything, and that’s ok.

I think what goes hand-in-hand with recognizing what we’re good at, is being able to own it when someone gives us compliments.

I’ve been reflecting on that over the summer, and into these first couple weeks of my new school year.  There are a few things that I’m really good at, but I don’t like to own them.  I don’t like to accept compliments, and I don’t like to take them for truth when someone gives them to me.  In fact, I prefer to make snarky sarcastic comments and make fun of myself, taking the focus off of what I’m good at.

But because I don’t think that’s a good idea in the long run, I’ve decided to own what I’m good at, put it in writing (which always seems to help me), and throw a secret something out there.

So… here’s what I’m good at.

1.  I teach well.  I’ve had sincere doubts about that in the past couple of years, but it turns out… I don’t enjoy teaching French.  I enjoy teaching, as long as it’s not to 9-14 year olds who could not care LESS about what I had to say.  The Primary Kiddos who run up to me and hug me, who listen, who ask insightful questions about stuff I taught DAYS before when they make a connection… they’ve affirmed it without saying anything specific.  I teach well.

2.  I write well.  I’ve been writing for fun for years.  I took a brief hiatus from it (for fun) during University, you know, so that I could knock off paper after paper after paper with record amounts of procrastination.  I’d like to investigate this further, push myself further in this, and get even better.  Some day, I’ll be a super blogger with my own books, and people will have my books on their kitchen tables.  They’ll get excited when they show up on their front porches in Amazon boxes.  I spent all summer writing nearly daily at Camp, and it took a bit of adaptation to get used to people thanking me for doing it, telling me I was great at it, and being in general complimentary.  It was hard to smile and say thanks, instead of making fun of it.  My next step is to begin guest posting for blogs that I love to read.  I have one set to go live a week from Monday, and another going up in October sometime.  I’m really excited.

3.  I sing quite well.  At this point, I feel like I’m bragging, but I’ve been told I do, and it’s another one of those things that I’m working on ‘owning.’  It’s another one of those things that people will compliment on me on, and they’ll receive a “nah, I was pitchy.”  That being said, in an attempt to not be so reluctant to own this one, because I can’t teach any of you anything from my rec room couch while watching NCIS, and I can’t write for you….. well, I’m doing it right now, I guess… but anyway….

Last night, I was stumbling around the internet, found a girl on YouTube who does violin covers of hot pop songs, and it made me want to be like her.  Then, I found a girl who does mandolin covers… and it made me really excited because I’ve been squandering musical talent for years (prompting me to switch violin teachers, practice more often, and pick up the mandolin as well this year), and it gave me some dreams to inspire to.  So I found a song that is good for my range, I sang it into my phone…. I put it on my computer… I sang it into my phone again, this time singing a harmony part…. and recorded me singing with myself.  Now unfortunately, I can’t upload videos right to WordPress without paying for it… but I can upload videos to YouTube and then give you a link…. so….. here ya go!  Here’s me singing Ho Hey by the Lumineers… the audio quality is absolute garbage because it’s an iPhone recording, followed by another iPhone recording of me singing TO an iPhone recording… clearly there are better options for split tracking.  Also, the jingling noises are my dog running around, haha, but anyway, here’s me singing in two part harmony.  I always wondered what it’d be like to do a duet by myself….  Maybe it’ll go viral and I’ll become a superstar.


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