I Am From

Confession: I don’t fancy myself a poet.

I never felt especially great at it, even though I’ve always loved to write. This post idea came from She Loves Magazine, which if you’ve been following me at all, you’ll know that I love. They very cleverly included a template for the poem, for which I’m emphatically grateful, because when I read the first few of these, I thought “I’d love to do this… but…. how?” Well, thanks to the lovely template, here’s my “I Am From” poem.

I am from a town of 6,500 where everyone knows everyone, and you wave when they honk their horns. Where there’s only one stop light and the whole town attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony when it was installed.

I am from doors that are windows and a big truck out front.

I am from the big orange brick set just back from the road, the old-style farm-house hardwood, and the creaky stairs.

I am from the acre of grass and the rolling corn fields, the giant maple whose giant limbs I remember climbing up and down.

I’m from putting the tree up during the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, eating green sprinkled Voortman cookies, and drinking egg nog.

I’m from watching Twister during thunder storms, from Mom, Dad, Mike, Grandma, Grandpa, Grammi, and Papa George.

I’m from Monopoly marathons and Cruising World and crawling out the rec room window onto the porch roof to stare at the clouds, watch the storms roll in, and smell the rain.

I’m from “you can do anything” and “clean your room!” and “the locks are on the inside.”

I’m from church, faithfully and with pleasure, every Sunday, Tuesday, and many Fridays, and from singing goofy songs all the way to Grandma’s.

I’m from Welland and Canada, applesauce and Grandma’s cherry pie. From that time when Mike threw the ketchup bottle around the kitchen and it shattered and ketchup splattered everywhere.

But now I’m from the City, which isn’t big but feels it to me. I’m from blending in and disappearing because it’s easy. But I’m also from a church with great friends who love me – great community who won’t let me hide even when it’d be so easy.

That’s where I’m from.


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