When Music Feeds Your Soul ~ A YouTube expose on what I’m into right now

If you looked at most people’s internet history, you’d be able to learn a lot about them.  For some, you’d probably learn things you don’t want to know.  For me, you’d see a lot of YouTube lately, because that’s what I’ve been wasting time with, and I thought I’d share some of the amazing things I’ve found.

Some of the things I found made me go upstairs this afternoon and hammer away at practicing violin for almost an hour and a half this afternoon.  Now, not only are my muscles sore from Kickboxing on Thursday (for good reason!  let me tell you!), my arms also hurt from bowing like CRAZY for an hour and a half.  In other news, I can now play Gangnam Style on my violin.  Useful, I’m sure.

Here are a few amazing artists I’ve found while stumbling around YouTube the past week:

Charlie Worsham — the man does covers of a song, plays EVERY instrument, sings, records it, and puts it all together in 24 hours.  He’s amazingly talented.

Here’s the inspiration for my going to learn Gangnam Style on my violin, haha.

Charlie Worsham — Gangnam Style

I’ve loved Lindsey Stirling for a LONG time, but this video is one I hadn’t seen yet, and it’s just so beautiful!  It made me smile the entire time I listened to it!  I mean, playing fiddle for Kenyan kids who’d never seen a violin before?  Amazing.

Lindsey Stirling — We Found Love

These two guys I found today.  I’m not a Britney Spears fan.  I barely even was before she went cray cray.  But when I’m being honest I have to admit that Toxic is a bit catchy.  And these guys — Josh and Rhett — they covered it, and I know that I couldn’t make my violin sing like this, so I won’t try yet.  But man.  Talent.

Josh and Rhett — Toxic

Then there’s Adam DeGraff.  I’m telling you, when these guys saw so hard on those bows that strings go flying off in sheer protest… I could listen to it all day (and today, I pretty much have).  Adam DeGraff is half of the Dueling Fiddlers, and his partner in crime’s name there is Russell Fallstad.

Here is Adam DeGraff playing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey — on a violin with more than 4 strings, which I didn’t know was possible — it kinda blew my mind.

Here are the Dueling Fiddlers playing a mashup of Thunderstruck and Back in Black by AC/DC — yes, on fiddles.

I bet when David Garrett’s Mom paid for violin lessons for him as a kid, she never imagined that one day he’d be on live television and by extension splashed all over the internet playing covers of rock songs… like Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.  He’s also got stuff on YouTube like We Will Rock You, and Coldplay’s Viva la Vida (which I just LOVE done instrumentally.  The Piano Guys have a great cover of it too on piano and cello, mashed up with Taylor Swift’s Love Story.  2Cellos also do it.

Speaking of Cellos, I don’t play the cello.  I’d love to some day, as well as the mandolin, but I need to work on the violin first, because I don’t want to get distracted from something I clearly love.  However, the guys from 2Cellos — They play VERY well.  I’ve always really liked the song Smooth Criminal, originally by Michael Jackson, because it’s super catchy.  I didn’t know it existed until Alien Ant Farm covered it when I was in high school (and to be clear, I had no idea what it meant at that point).  I have fond memories of driving down country back roads in the dark with the windows rolled down and Smooth Criminal blaring out the windows.  You can imagine though, how much I love this 2Cellos cover of Smooth Criminal.  David Garrett also does one on violin.  It’s an even better song as an instrumental, because you don’t have to deal with the lyrics.  When I Come Around is also pretty phenomenal.  I bet these guys never imagined while they were in cello lessons as young boys that they’d play for stadiums full of people one day.

If you needed proof that violins can’t only be used to play classical or country, here it is.  All wrapped up in one neat little blog package.

Anyway, that was my Saturday afternoon.  I spent far more of it watching videos and dreaming of how good I can be one day than I did practicing, but to be fair I practiced long enough that my finger tips are still sore hours later, and my arms were shaking when I finally put the violin down.  I will get as good as I can get, cuz that’s all anyone can ask of me, right?  I have a new teacher and he’s demanding my absolute best of me, and I love him for it, because my last one accepted my mediocrity and let me move on without ever perfecting anything.  She never forced me to make that violin sing, and I don’t think I can get away without practicing anymore!  And I love it!

Further — if you used the rest of my internet history to get to know me, you’d find the following:

* Thanks to Pinterest, I can’t decide whether I want to get really fat, work out really hard, or go shopping and buy an endless supply of skinny jeans, leggings, knee high boots, and oversized sweaters.

* I blog.

* Because I blog, I read tons of other blogs.  To find some of those, read the post I did reviewing all of them.

* I spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook.  It kind of hurts my brain how much, actually.  I did some parsing this weekend, hopefully that’ll help.

* I appear to be a really adventurous cook, but I’m actually really proficient with pizza places and Subway.

* And finally, I am completely fascinated by what the fox says.


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