Sex Trafficking 101 – Part 2

Continuing on the heels of last month’s Sex Trafficking information post, here are some more absolutely stunning, heartbreaking statistics for you.  It hurts my heart and my brain to read them.  I hate that I live in a world where this is allowed to happen, and where it’s so hard to stop it.

At The Exodus Road, they really want to focus on the heart of the issue this month.  These are kids.  KIDS.

* Human rights investigations have discovered that minors can be typically sold an average of 10-15 times a day, 6 days a week, totaling between 9,360 and 14,040 sex acts a year. The girls received none of the money.   (Source: Shared Hope International)

* According to the California Child Welfare Council, kids as young as 10 are being peddled for sex every day in Los Angeles County … the average life expectancy of children who enter the sex trade is seven years. This means, on average, a child forced into prostitution at age 12 will be dead by 19.  (Source: )


Doesn’t that break your soul to shreds?

I found The Polaris Project’s website interesting… and I headed through a few of their links.  If you’re interested in more information, check them out.

A Word about “Rescue” from the Exodus Road

In the counter-trafficking world, there are varying understandings of the term “Rescue” and how it is used to describe an activity a nonprofit is undertaking. While the term is ambiguous at best, we wanted to briefly define what we mean when we use it in our organization.

When we at The Exodus Road say “Rescue,” we do not mean offering a prostitute a job, preemptively saving a girl from a possible trafficking situation, or saving a child from poverty, lack of education, or a risky future. These are all noble and important tasks that many are doing well. And we applaud and support their good work, absolutely, because it is necessary to this fight for freedom. (Truly, the modern day slave needs all of us committing to finding solutions to their injustice from a myriad of varying angles.)

However, when we at The Exodus Road talk about “Rescue,” we are referring to the removal of a person from either:

  • an actual trafficking situation (ex. raid with police of a locked brothel) or
  • sexual abuse to an underage victim (ex. pedophile abuse).

The “rescues” we support involve situations where the victims are being sexually exploited and do not have the power to leave on their own accord, whether by force, threat, violence, coercion, debt, etc. As per UN guidelines and definitions, any girl or boy under the age of 18 engaged (even “willingly”) in prostitution is technically a trafficked victim since the international community deems a minor not old enough to make the choice to sell themselves for sex.

(Source: The Exodus Road: About

In this last picture, I know they’re all American statistics, but it doesn’t change the heavy weight of them, or how badly something needs to be done.  It happens here in OUR backyard in Canada, too, I just don’t have pretty ‘eye-catching’ statistics images for you.


Also, check out Jamie the very worst Missionary’s blog…. This speaks far more about what the folks at The Exodus Road do than I ever could.

Stay tuned in early November for information about a book tour Laura Parker’s book, also called The Exodus Road, which you can get on Amazon in Kindle edition if you’d like!  I don’t have a Kindle… I’m going to need a way to get a paper copy (I won’t go into why I firmly believe paper copies should never die in this post), but it looks like a solid read regardless.  Laura Parker works with The Exodus Road.



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