A Different Perspective

I woke up this morning, and it was difficult to do.  I was pretty much just “not in the mood to get up.”  I concocted a bunch of reasons not to drag myself out of bed until 8:04 am….. trust me, that made getting to work at 8:25 tricky.  I made it, but barely.  I had gotten up at 7:30 to let the dog out (and that would have been plenty of time), but I found this….

snow :(
snow 😦


I know, I know… that’s nothing.  Welcome to my little banana belt pocket of South-Western Ontario.  Other spots get pounded with lake effect snow, and we get quite literally a dusting… and one that only lasts in the shade beyond 10 am.

But to say I loathe the stuff is generally an understatement.

I was out the other night letting the pooch go pee one more time before bed, and it had just snowed… I had to admit the smell of the freshly fallen (even smaller amount than that) of snow was kind of exhilarating… it kind of smelled like Christmas.  I’m trying not to admit that too loudly… though I guess I just did just display it for the internet to see.

Before dragging myself out of bed at 8:04, I uploaded that picture to Facebook, as well as posting a plea as my status for someone to give me five good reasons to leave the house because I couldn’t come up with any.  I was really looking for reasons to get out of bed, but at the time I was disinclined to admit that I was still in bed at 8 am.

My Facebook status plea was met with nothing less than hilarity.

Here are the reasons I should leave the house:

Andrew:  A mad leprechaun is standing right outside your front door with a stick of TNT getting ready to blow the joint.

A colossal marshmallow giant is getting ready to use your house as a golf tee, he’s using motorhomes as his golf balls, get out now.

Hercules himself is getting ready to use your house for shot-put practice

Your house stands in the flight path of a swarm of parasitic carpenter ants that devour all products made from wood or synthetic wood, your house is next

A local restaurant in your area is giving away what they call free scholarships for living, essentially free money for the rest of your life, all you have to do is show up at their door step and play the fiddle for an hour

Madison replies:  Looks like Andrew just about covered your five reasons, but most importantly you need to go to work to pay for your house, otherwise you will lose your house, and have to be outside ALL the time.

Me:  LOL this is what I call perspective!!!! Thanks, guys!!

Andrew:  You also just got a summons to become the teal power ranger. With great power, comes great costuming.

Me:  bahahaha YES! Now THAT, Andrew, THAT I will leave the house for

Andrew:  Not to mention that your house stands right in the migratory path of a herd of unicorns, you need to see the herd of unicorns.

Oh and a giant talking spinach has just started sprouting in your neighbors front yard. Talking spinaches, while they can be quite condescending, are nevertheless a joy to talk too

Also, a giant, flying St Bernard has just landed two doors down from you. Flying dog… need I say more?

Finally, a dancing bowl of jello will only tango with you if you take it to the beach. You do not under any circumstances want to disappoint a dancing bowl of jello. They are extremely difficult to please once they have been rejected.

Sooooo there you have it.  That’s my perspective that came throughout the day today… that knocked me out of my funk and reminded me that a little bit of snow is not worth making me sad and moody.  I’m thankful for my friends who can turn anything into fun and always know how to make me laugh.

When your attitude is bad, all it takes is the sense of humour of a few funny friends to shake you loose.


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