Weekly Writing Prompt: Traces

I’m not at home, so finding the three things nearest to me that ‘define’ me seems difficult in order to do this prompt.  I know what I would pick, though, if I were at home, because I know what’s always nearest to me that ‘defines’ me.

This week’s prompt says:

  • Taking a look around you, what three objects most represent you and why? How do they reflect your personality, and who you are?

If I were to sit down at my kitchen table to write, which I don’t always do, you would find that what’s nearest to me would be my phone, my Bible, and my violin books.  If I could choose a fourth, it would be my writing idea book, and a fifth would be my computer.  Normally, I’m sitting in my rocking chair in my basement, watching TV, creeping around Facebook, reading other blogs, and half focusing on whatever I’m writing… because that’s how my brain works.  There’s some insight into my brain for you.

1.  My Phone.  This seems like a completely LAME thing to have near me that ‘defines’ me, but here’s the deal… it is ALWAYS on me.  When I’m not teaching in a classroom, it is never very far away from it.  It’s how I stay connected.  I check my email, my Facebook, my WordPress, my Twitter, my Voxer… all whenever I get notifications from it.  I know, I know… there are studies that show that being that attached to one’s phone is detrimental to life… I get it.  But I’m a social person who lives alone, and I feel like the phone helps me stay plugged into social outlets even when I’m technically not able to be social because I’m in my basement with a TV, a dog, a tennis ball, and a torn-apart stuffed fox (what does the fox say NOW!? hahaha).

Kloe Fox 2 Kloe Fox 1

Kloe Fox 3

2.  My Bible.  I have a few, but notably there’s one that sits on my kitchen table that I read every morning while I eat breakfast.  I’ve started in Genesis recently and am working my way through cover to cover.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m just about to wrap up the story of Joseph, and I’m finding that it’s quite neat how everything is kind of intertwined with everything else when you read it in chronological order (shocking, right?).  This reflects who I am because there is life in those words that I don’t know how to function without.  The more of it I read, the more of it I want to read.

3.  My violin books.  Gosh, I am loving the violin lately.  I am loving the dedication my teacher has to pulling great, not mediocre, but great sound out of me.  I love love love the challenge.  I love how hard it is to play a violin well, but I’m doing it.  I love that when I tell people I can fiddle, they’re shocked and amazed.  I love fiddling.  I love it when my fingers fly across the neck of the violin and good sound comes out.  Love love love.  Currently, my violin is sitting on my kitchen table as well, but once I have to use the table for anything, that’ll have to change.

(4 and 5).  My writing idea book is new.  I chose to add this and my computer in because they’re what lets me take care of my writing urges.  Trust me, I have many.  I have little books everywhere for writing ideas.  The one that sits on my coffee table I bought at the St. George Apple Fest, and it’s got home made paper and everything.  I scribble ideas in there, as well as in a little notebook I keep in my purse, and I have a magnetic clipboard hanging on the filing cabinet beside my desk at school.  Writing is therapy for my soul and lets me get out whatever’s floating around in my brain… often in words that I would never dare utter face to face.  I write in books for ideas and then I transfer the ideas into this lovely ‘new post’ form.

That’s it for now… maybe later tonight 🙂


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