Blog Back Sunday and Prompt: Love to Love You

Remember when Facebook put Notes out for the very first time and shortly thereafter came the explosion of quizzes/surveys that were especially useful whenever I was trying to write a paper or do some research or something… you know, the things in my life that were completely unimportant but only led to a degree… or two… or something like that 😉

Before blogging was really cool… or a thing, even… there were surveys that you copied and pasted into a Note, changed the answers to your own, and then tagged all your friends in hopes that they would do the same.

Well, I found one today in a blog post from Olive to Run

Here goes… here are my answers.

Your cell phone? Is never very far away from me.  When I can’t find it, I panic a bit… and I experience separation anxiety when I can’t have it right with me… like… during movies or whatever when I have to put it on silent and it’s not OK to have it constantly on me.  It’s a problem.  Legit.
Your significant other? Doesn’t exist.  Well, he probably exists, but I don’t currently have one.
Your hair? Is amazing.  It’s so long, I’m thinking about renting a tower….
Your mother?  Is my best friend in the entire universe.  Unbelievable woman. 
Your father?
has to be awesome cuz I’m a lot like him.
Your favorite thing? Laughing til it hurts
Your dream last night? One of the teachers at my school died over the weekend and they put me in charge of telling everyone in the entire school all at once.  CRAZY.
Your favorite drink? Cream Soda and Egg Nog… not together.
Your dream/goal? Publish all my ramblings into a collection of famous ramblings.
The room you are in? my rec room
Your fear? #foreveralone
Where do you want to be in six years? Ideally married, maybe a kid or two… but… in the absence of that because I’ve been saying it for years, I’d like to be loving life at whatever I’m doing.  More than likely teaching…
Where were you last night? on the couch watching a movie with a friend.  It was great fun.
What are you not? emotionally open, lol, unless I’m writing.
Muffins? pumpkin spiiiiice with the icing in the middle.  Gosh.
One of your wish list items? a new couch to replace this horrid futon, haha
Where you grew up? A tiny farm town in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada.
The last thing you did?  Tied everything outside that could blow away down (in preparation for the coming storm), and changed a load of laundry.
What are you wearing? sweats.  Ahhhh Sunday afternoon.
Your TV?  When In Rome is now playing on the flat screen.
Your pets? The pooch is curled up upstairs, sleeping on the couch.  Spoiled rotten that dog is.
Your computer?  13″ MacBook Pro.  With Mario stickers on the back.  Almost equal to my phone in importance.  I’m a bit of a technology junkie.
Your life? Is pretty great.
Your mood? Content
Missing someone? A few people.
Your Car? Is dependable and functional and cute and I love it.
Something you are not wearing? anything remotely attractive.  See above where I say I’m wearing sweats.
Favorite store?  I don’t know, really… um…. probably Target or Wal Mart
Your summer? spent all summer blogging for Camp, loved it.  Amazing.
Like someone? yup.
Your favorite color? Lime Green and/or turquoise.
When was the last time you laughed? very recently.  When in Rome is funny.  Also — I laugh A LOT!
Last time you cried? I don’t remember, honestly.
What is one thing on your To-Do list?  Write an article for the camp newsletter — inspiration for which is NOT arriving.Also — now that you’ve learned a little about me, I feel like I should also do WordPress’s Prompt, because it’s somewhat related.


WordPress asked us today to talk about one thing we love about ourselves, and what we love most about our favourite person, and how that connects us.
What I love most about myself is my sense of humour and my ability to find enjoyment in simple things that some people may call childish.  I prefer to call it child-like, and there IS a difference.
I love the very same quality in my mother, whom I love dearly.  It usually results in us both giggling/laughing in unison until we can’t breathe, which, as you learned above, is one of my favourite things.
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