A good portion of my life is spent in confusion lately.  Most of the time, I’ll admit, I don’t completely know what’s going on.  There are a few things that really throw me off, but a lot of them are really personal, even for my bare all blogging style.  SO, when I saw this prompt idea, I thought I’d bite…

I had Chinese food for dinner tonight.  My fortune made me do a bit of a double take ….. it is kind of nonsense… Check it.

ImageWhat kind of fortune is that??  If it seems the fates are against you today, they probably are??

No, they probably aren’t.  You’ve probably got a bad attitude.  There’s good in all things.  That’s one of the many neat things about following the God I follow — there’s good in everything, and the fates are never ‘against me.’

I don’t really feel like writing tonight, so… this is pretty much it….

Have you ever received a ridiculous fortune cookie fortune?

Another excellent one I’ve received:  You are going to have some new clothes.  Why yes, yes I suppose I will.  Thanks, cookie, I guess I’ll go shopping now.  Self-fulfilling?  Awesome.


5 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. That fortune is funny! The ones I hate the most are the ones that aren’t really fortunes at all. They’re really just cliches: A friend in need is a friend indeed. That’s not a fortune! That’s a silly saying.

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