Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

I woke up this morning to something I didn’t expect……

There was snow on the ground.

Sure, it was in the forecast.  And as a self-professed weather nerd, I knew it was in the forecast.

Sure, I live in Canada.  Snow in late November isn’t unheard of….. unless you live in the banana belt.

I know… we don’t grow bananas here…. so it’s not ACTUALLY the banana belt… but the fact is, since I’ve lived where I live now, I don’t see snow all that often compared to most of the rest of Canada.

So to wake up on November 23rd to snow on the ground… well, it was unexpected.  I saw the forecast and went ‘yeah right!  We’ll never get snow in November.’

Side note:  I am a terrible Canadian.  I hate snow.  I saw it, I groaned, and I went back to bed…. though since I had to go outside to let the dog out (who, incidentally, does NOT hate snow….), I had to admit that freshly fallen snow does smell a bit magical…. but if you ever call me on that in person, I’ll deny I ever said it.

So this…. this is ‘unexpected.’


Yup, I opened the door in flip flops to let the dog out :p


photo 1(3)

photo 3(1)


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