Daily Prompt: Fear Factor

Today’s idea to write about is fear — either rational or irrational.

Here are two of my completely irrational fears.  I know they’re irrational.  That doesn’t by any stretch of the imagination mean that I have found a way to conquer them.

I would go so far as to call them phobias, to be frank.

In fact, I JUST Googled “phobia of centipedes” to try to figure out what the name for ‘fear of centipedes’ is called, but the link I clicked on to give me the answer brought me to a page with pictures of centipedes and I squealed and covered the screen.  My Mom came and covered the screen with a scarf for me so I could close the tab.  She’s helpful and enabling like that (she also didn’t know what I was freaking out over, and made fun of me when she saw).  One time, I found a centipede in my sink.  I cried, because I didn’t know what to do with it.  I tried to flush it down the drain, I really did… I even have a spray nozzle on my tap… but its creepy hundred-legged body just folded in half and scrunched helplessly in the food catcher part of the drain, and it didn’t go down.  I was on the phone with my Mom at the time, crying, screeching, telling her that since she was merely 20 minutes from my place to come for a visit, she would need to save me from the centipede so I could do dishes.

She told me to suck it up and that she was doing this for my own good.

I ended up filling my mop bucket with super hot water in the bathtub, holding the bucket over my head, and pouring with great force while screaming and crying.

Very thankfully, when I opened my eyes, I saw that the force of the downpour of water had in fact forced the creepy disgusting creature’s body into the depths of the sewer system beneath my home.  I plugged the drain and left it that way for days when not in use following that incident.

With an ounce of bravery just now, I have discovered by finding a link with no images that it is called Chilopodophobia.  Yup.  I have that.  I don’t know why.  I guess technically, aside from being creepy, disgusting, gross, hideous, and awful…. they haven’t really done anything at all to me.

I’m not including pictures.

I also have a fear, though not quite as intense…. I wouldn’t call it a phobia…. but I’m scared of moths.  Again, irrational, I know.  I dunno what moths ever did to me… something about their wings disintegrating when you touch them I think.  They’re almost the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  Almost.

Centipedes win every time.


12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fear Factor

  1. Oh my gosh. Someone recently commented on my blog with a long story about a centipede in her skin and the story alone was enough to render me completely centipediphobic (a word I made up that we can both use. You’re welcome).

  2. You’ve been awarded the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I know that not everyone accepts awards. If I’ve linked to you and you don’t want it, please don’t be annoyed with me, just take it as a sign of appreciation for what you do. You do not have to accept this or any other award. It is a compliment, not a curse!

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