Snow – My love-hate relationship with it…. and Pictures with Santa.

Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week has two prompts that I’m going to jump all over.  One is this one, on snow.  The other is Santa Pictures.

I have a love-hate relationship with snow.

I love looking at it.

I love how people say each and every individual snowflake is different and unique, and that no two are the same, though has anyone ever seen all snowflakes in one place at one time and scientifically analyzed this?  I love their uniqueness, but I feel that this is a difficult claim to make.  Doesn’t detract from each individual snowflake’s beauty, though.

I love playing in it.

I love building with it.

I love watching it gently fall from the sky.

I love how it mutes all the other sounds around you, even in the city, especially when it’s falling or very freshly fallen.  How the cars even can seem to slip by unnoticed because the snow absorbs their noise.

I love how my dog loves to frolic in it.

I love snow days more than any student I’ve ever met.  Teaching gives you a whole new appreciation for snow days.

But I hate driving in it.

If it could snow all winter long without leaving ruts of slush, icy spots, slippery patches, and covered up lines all over the road, I’d be fine with winter.  So when I say I hate winter, I’m not being entirely truthful.  Most of it is pretty alright.  In fact, most of it is downright beautiful.  Until I have to go shovel my car out, scrape all the ice and accumulated snow off, and cling to the steering wheel of my car for dear life.

That being said, I’d like this to be a happy post, so instead of griping about how much I hate winter driving, because I don’t imagine I’m alone in this, I’m going to share with you the amazing pictures I got today, as I’m up North at my parents’ house.  If you’re familiar with Ontario at all, you’ll know that South Central Ontario doesn’t get nearly the snow that Muskoka does, and my parents are right on the Northern edge of Muskoka.  Not quite in it, but they’re close… and so if you’re familiar at all, you understand that where I am right now…. we’ve got snow.

Also included in the pictures are some from last weekend’s ice storm.  Yes, the one that has thousands of Toronto Hydro customers still powerless.  I was at my Grandparents’, and while we only lost power for 4.5 hours on Sunday afternoon, it was evident that ice is a powerful force to be reckoned with — especially when it then gets covered in snow.

Check it out.

Grandma’s backyard last weekend.
Out Grandma’s kitchen window last weekend. This is the reason I stayed an extra day.  Imagine the roads.


King City On Route service plaza — 4 days later, now there’s snow on top of the layers of ice.

Hwy 400 N somewhere between King City and Barrie. I was not driving, for the record.
If you look through the trees, you can see where water runs down off the rocks and freezes in waterfall-esque cascades down the rock face. Very cool. Taken this afternoon.
Taken today
Taken today
the pooch, off the beaten path, carving her own road. She got tired pretty quickly.
I thought it might be fun to pull the snow down off some overhanging branches.
It took an inordinately long time for a) a snowflake to land on the right spot on me for me to take a picture, and b) my camera to macro focus well enough to capture it. Solid ten minutes went into capturing this snowflake ‘on film.’


Santa Pictures

I don’t have children.  I know, this is totally new information.  But I don’t, and so I don’t have kids to take to Santa.  But I do have a dog.  And to me, this creature is all the family I need right now.  The kennel that I take my dog to when I can’t be home to take care of her does pet pictures with Santa most years.  It sounds cheesy… ok, it is cheesy… but it’s great.  The pictures were done by Let Me Shoot Your Pet, and the money raised this year went to a charity that helps get pound dogs rescued and prevents their being euthanized.  Great cause, if you ask me.  So I leashed Kloë up, put her in the car, and drove her to the kennel to get her picture taken with Santa.  I’m sure if Santa could ask her what she wants for Christmas, all she’d say is ‘to get off this stool and go play.’  Either that, or “people food.”  Regardless, I get her picture done most years, and I have no shame about this, even though I’ve been made fun of for having both this year’s and last year’s pictures hanging on my fridge.

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