“When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?”

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, lately, and thanks to WordPress, today I get to write about it.  I haven’t started with BlogHer’s prompts, yet, because WordPress’s have held my attention so far, but there appear to be some good ones coming from BlogHer, since January’s NaBloPoMo theme is ‘Pressure,’ and I feel like that topic can stir some stuff up.

Interestingly enough today, though, I can combine them both and talk about the pressure I’ve created for myself to blog well this year.

When I look back at my blog, this blog, on January 2, 2015, I really hope that I can say I’m proud of whatever I accomplished, regardless of what that is.  I have hopes and dreams for this blog, to be sure.  It’s becoming a baby of mine, in that I want to see it grow and flourish, and I want a base of readers built so that when I go to write my book (probably starting this year, I think I’m ready!!  …. that’s terrifying…), there will be people who want to read and buy it.  What’s the point in writing a book no one will read?

I gain followers with every post that I write, so I figure if I’m writing regularly, this trend in theory should continue.  And ultimately, I work much better under pressure so if I’ve created a little bit of pressure… perhaps I can create a diamond out of my blog?  This has inspired the theme change you may have noticed.  I figured after over 2 years with the same look, it was time for something new.  It may change a few more times in the next day or so… but, you know… New Year, new changes 🙂

 But my biggest hope and goal when I look back in 2015 is that no matter whether I’ve gained 1000 followers, or none, I’m able to smile at the personal reflection that writing lets me do, and that I’m able to smile and say I’ve done well for myself.  My ultimate goal in blogging is to reflect and express, so if I’ve done that, I’m happy 🙂


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