My Biggest Fears

I’m gonna have nightmares after I write this post.  I shall make it brief.

WordPress’s 365 Days of Writing Prompts says, “You’re locked in a room with your biggest fear.  Describe what’s in the room.”

If I were locked in a room with my biggest fear, there’d be centipedes crawling around all over the floor, probably up my legs…. moths flying overhead, probably landing on me…. and there would be multiple June Bugs stuck in my hair, buzzing incessantly while they squirm to get unstuck.

Oh, and I’d be alone and childless.

You know, no big deal.

AAAHHH I need to stop.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “My Biggest Fears

  1. Totally. I could have written this myself! The thought of the creepy crawlies, that totally freaks me out when I’m alone! If I’m with others, it’s better. If I’m with my students, I turn into this bug rescuer! Wish I could summon those powers when solo!
    (And alone and childless scares me beyond belief, too…..)

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