My Sanity Comes Before NaBloPoMo.

I’m taking a blogging break until Monday.  Too much going on this weekend.  It’s legit cray cray.  Like… I might lose my mind.  I’m stoked to be going to Toronto ALL DAY tomorrow to spend some time with my brother’s fiancee and her wedding party (which I’m in) doing some dress shopping, and then meeting a cousin for dinner.

I’m also feeling like it’s necessary to spend some time on the other blog I run for the Camp I work at all summer.  It needs some loving this weekend, and I promised I’d take a solid chunk of time for it this weekend, but that was before the all day in Toronto on Saturday happened.

I know January’s a NaBloPoMo month… but… oh well.  My sanity comes before NaBloPoMo.  There’s no time.

See ya Monday 🙂


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