My house feels like the safest on the block tonight.  I am currently dog-sitting my Mom’s dog, Keisha.  I also have a dog, Kloë.  I know, neither of them seem fierce….

And neither of them look fierce….


But when they bark when someone’s at the door, I feel very safe.

To boot, I had a rather fancy alarm system installed tonight… the kind I can control from my phone, from any computer… you know, that kind.  ADT had this fierce deal on and it was too good to pass up… so I can now monitor all kinds of things… from my phone.  Anywhere in the world.

It makes me wonder though a little bit where our security is wrapped up.  Because, since I don’t live in a fantastic neighbourhood (my street’s ok… but the riff raff doesn’t hang out far from here at all), it would be pretty easy to wrap my trust up in my security system that will blare at the first sign of someone intruding… or in my precious dog who will bark like nobody’s business and would likely deter anyone just cruising to pick up a TV or something.

But is there something better?

I think there is.

I think that while having a good security system is a good investment in a semi-sketchy neighbourhood, I’m better off placing my trust in Jesus.  After all, the stuff in my house is just stuff.  I feel safer knowing that my life and the life of my precious pooch are protected a little more now, but at the same time, I don’t want to place my trust in earthly things over trusting in God.

Just some post-installation rambly thoughts.

What comes to your mind when you think of the word “secure?”

Because for me… I’m glad my Hope is secure.  That makes me far happier than an ADT Security system ever will.


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