Explaining Blogging to an Alien

Most nights, I get home, and my brain is full of stuff I have a hard time sorting through.  As I’ve developed my craft, as I am beginning to refer to it, I’ve found that it’s so cathartic to sit down and spill my guts onto the computer screen.

It feels impersonal — it feels like no one will know that these are the thoughts in my head.  I don’t know why it feels this way, because I know many people who read my randomly spilled out thoughts… including my parents and grandparents.

To be truthful, I’m not very open when I speak.  I like to keep many things closed up and not let them out, but I’ll be totally honest when I say that sometimes it was starting to feel like that was killing me.

A little over a couple years ago now, I went to lunch after church with a dear friend, and began relaying the story of a hysterically AWFUL date.  I mean… I didn’t think it would ever be topped.  It now has been, and that story is so sad that it’s funny.  But… as she listened to me spill my guts, she summed up her thoughts by ending with “hun… you need to write this stuff down.  People will read this.”

She was right.  People have been reading it.  I have 499 followers.  Isn’t that nuts?  And it gives me all these chances to just pour my heart out in a spot that feels safe, even though technically, anyone on the internet can read it if they want to…

Even when I’m just following a prompt… like this one that I’m following today… dropping words onto a page still feels like it expresses anything I need to express that day.  I somehow find a way to tie a seemingly disconnected prompt into what I need to get out.  And it’s wonderful.


This post was written in response to a BlogHer prompt, which asked writers to explain what Blogging is to an Alien who was visiting and wanted to understand it…. without ever using the word Blog.  I guess I used it in this little description… but… there you have it.  That’s why I blog.



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