Happy Flipping Valentine’s Day

**That title is very much the PG version of what I wanted to call this post… I decided to behave :p**

This year, I’d determined that I was not going to let Valentine’s Day get me down.  I was doing really, really well with that actually until about 1 pm.  I got slammed with a cold.  I was teaching Grade 2 Drama and my head plugged up, I couldn’t finish sentences without sneezing, and the kids were all like “you sound funny!”

I know, right?  Funnier than usual, of course 😉

I’m supposed to be headed away for the weekend, since in Ontario it’s Family Day weekend and it’s a long weekend.  Wooo!  No school on Monday!  I’m picking my brother and his fiancée up on my way, and it’s supposed to be fun.  I was supposed to go away two weekends ago as well, to see a bunch of my Camp peeps… and I got sick then, too.

You see, this is the curse of working with children who don’t blow their noses, who sneeze directly onto my arm without covering my mouth, and who insist on hugging me all. the. time whilst snot drips from their noses.  And you’d think that by Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2… they’d have figured out that these things are not ok.  Well… some of them haven’t.  They share their germs quite freely.  I’ve been sick off and on since November…. more on… but I digress.

I was having a really good Valentine’s Day until I got sick, and then came home and opened Facebook.  I should have known better than to open Facebook when I was already feeling icky, but Facebook did me in.  When I opened it up, I found that….

  • Several of my friends received beautiful bouquets of roses today
  • Several of my friends are going out for lovely dinners this evening
  • Some of my friends are going out with their friends to celebrate their singleness together (which I’d totally be doing if not for the snot coming out of my own nose… bahaha)
  • Many of my friends are chilling with their kids
  • Every blog I follow has posted about Valentine’s Day… all week.
  • A friend’s Dad drove all the way out to her home to deliver her flowers, a Starbucks card, and a card just for her.  My heart melted.
  • One friend has posted honeymoon pictures

Now, this side of a spoonful of Buckley’s, I have a bit of a better perspective.

I love my God, my friends, my family, my job, my students, my house, pretty much my life… I don’t need to be upset because I lack any of the things in that point form list on Valentine’s Day for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s one day a year, and it’s highly over-commercialized …. therefore its sole purpose isn’t for love, it’s for money.
  2. I was completely content with everything in my life … um… yesterday.  So this is silly.
  3. I am genuinely happy that all of the people in my life have things that they can look at and be truly thankful for.  We’re all blessed.

So instead of burying myself under my blankets and crying or moping about the things I don’t have, I choose to be thankful for the many, MANY things I DO have.  I think that I will go to the store, and I will buy some conditioner (I’m almost out, and I’m going away all weekend.  Bad news bears.), and then I will hit the Tim Horton’s Drive Thru for some soup.  What else would any good Canadian girl do when she’s not feeling well?  If it can’t be cured by Timmy’s Chicken Noodle and some Buckley’s, you might as well buy a gravestone.

This post was brought to you by Buckley’s — the giver of perspective (because it’s the clearer of heads).  Also brought to you with indirect support from Tim Horton’s and WordPress.


22 thoughts on “Happy Flipping Valentine’s Day

    1. I’ll go check it out 🙂 I’ve never liked it to begin with. I think if we can’t show each other (in relationships or not) that we love each other without February 14th making us go OH NO! I forgot!, then we have issues. Valentine’s Day is a super cheesy commercialized way to guilt people into spending money 🙂

      1. haha yes, I’ve always wondered that…. why they think it’s ok to make the holiday that actually maybe is one of the only ones that COULD pull off being all about the candy…. and its candy blows… but the one that legit has NOTHING to do with candy… the candy is fantastic. Like… maple cream filled dark chocolate egg shaped chocolate? Sign me up. What’s that have to do with Jesus on the Cross? Nothing. I try to keep them separate in my brain :p

  1. Oh, I hope you’re also watching some Olympics, because Canada is killing it. Sounds like a damned fine Valentine’s Day to me. And remember, people lie on Facebook. Or at least exaggerate and make their lives sound better than they really are. I bet some of those folks would envy your Buckley’s and soup! Thanks for linking with The Spin CYcle!!

  2. I love your Spin on it. I told my hubby not to get me anything but something about that damn Facebook and a lot of my friends posting their flowers gave me a little hint of jealousy…stupid right? I hope you feel better!

    1. Thanks! And sometimes I think that Facebook can lay my best made plans for security and not caring about stuff flat on the floor. I get determined, and then I log in to Facebook and I lose all my resolve… I probably should have just stayed away yesterday :p

  3. I had plenty of Valentine’s Days on my own. I didn’t meet my husband until I was into my 30’s! Plus, I teach preschool so I can relate to those snotty-nosed kids. 😉 That last cold I caught was a doozy!

    Thanks for linking up to the Spin Cycle!

  4. Bummer on a cold ANY day!!!!! Enjoyed your flipping take on just another day in the life of retired folks. However, our son called and wants to meet for drinks tonight! I think I’ll have another Bailey’s and coffee!

    Look forward to your next Spin!

  5. I hope the soup made you feel better. I would LOVE a Tim Horton’s coffee and donut right now. They are the best – but not available in IL. Bummer. Enjoy Monday off with no kids and no snot nose gifts.

    1. Thanks!
      Not to rub salt in the wound of Tim Horton’s or anything, but Roll up the Rim starts tomorrow and there’s now two chances to win on each cup… so my coffee habit is about to get professional :p
      Thanks for stopping by!

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