That time I went to the movies by myself… and nothing happened.

Last Tuesday I really wanted to go see Into the Woods.  There are friends of mine who would see it with me, sure, but my usual movie buddy was absolutely not interested.  Something about it being a musical and a fairy tale adaptation combined, I think, haha.  (I do highly recommend the movie if you like musicals and fairy tales.  I loved it.)

I decided I was going to try some independence and not care what anyone thought of me, and I was going to go by myself.  After all, I had a pretty good feeling I’d enjoy it, knowing my love for musicals and fairy tales.  Once Upon A Time, anyone?

I did get a little apprehensive though about going to the movies alone in the same city where I teach… so I planned to go to the next city North of here, mostly because I had stuff to return at Old Navy and I don’t have an Old Navy… but also so I didn’t run into students at the movies by myself.  At least this way, if someone thought I was lame, I’d never know about it.

I headed out of the city though and it started to snow… not just flurries.  Snow.  Especially at night, the “if it’s snowing, I’m not going” mantra tends to fit me well, and especially to leave town.  I ended up getting quite nervous about what my drive home would be like if it snowed like that the whole time I was gone.  I turned around.

I went back to the theatre in my city, determined that I was going to see this movie, and determined that I didn’t care if anyone cared.  I had visions of being able to pile my stuff on the seat beside me, sprawl out, not care if my movie buddy liked the movie or not, and just really enjoy myself…. until I walked into the theatre and it was so jam packed full of people (and kids!)…. I guess I forgot it was Tuesday because it was Christmas break, but Tuesday is cheap night and it being Christmas break, that made it even busier.  You could hardly get in the doors.  I left.

I was disappointed in myself though because I did want to see the movie.  I ended up watching “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” on Netflix — Brilliant, if you haven’t seen it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Friday morning, I checked the weather — clear skies, dry roads, I was good to go.  I headed North into the next town, made my Old Navy return, and because I wouldn’t have time to make my massage appointment later in the afternoon if I stayed for the 1:40 show in the other town, I came back to my town for the 1:00 (I love it when these are my dilemmas — Christmas break rocks).

Here’s the thing…. I kind of expected at least one person would look at me funny for being alone.

No one cared.  Is it possible this has been MY hang up all this time and not anyone else’s?

What’s the big deal?  You don’t talk to the people you’re with during the movie anyway!

I got to pick my upper corner seat, I got to spread my stuff out because the theatre wasn’t very full… not even half I’d say.  And because I sat right above the stair well, I got to put my feet up on the wall in front of me.  Comfort.

I munched on my popcorn and almond M&Ms in peace, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie.

This will not be the last time I go by myself 😉


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