An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Congratulations on becoming this country’s most recent Prime Minister.  It’s a big job, and someone has to do it.  I’m thankful this week that there are people who are passionate about the position who want it, who’ve probably wanted it all their lives (especially if it literally runs in the family), and who have ideas for how they would keep this country great if given the chance.

You’ve got ideas.  You have lots of them.  Some of them make me really nervous, but some of them have me pretty excited for the future of Canada.  I think this balance is true more of your party and your leadership than it was of any other.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to find a fresh face and a new party in charge, even if this wasn’t the change I wanted.  I’m a Christian, and I’ve heard more than my fair share of “Christians only vote Conservative” throughout the course of this disastrously long election (thanks, Conservatives…), and I’m really hoping, Mr. Trudeau, that you don’t take the times I’ve defended you, your party, and the NDP along with Mr. Mulcair and throw it all away.

I want to see real change in my beautiful country, and I don’t want to see that change come at the expense of our international reputation, or our financial credit rating.  It seems the world is watching you very intently right now.  Maybe not for the right reasons, but there are people watching.  It’s not a responsibility I’d welcome, but you seem to have big shoulders (pun intended, peeps.  pun intended.), so I hope you’re sitting at 24 Sussex tonight with your family, thinking “challenge accepted.”

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As a Christian, I will pray for you, for your party, and for your cabinet.  I pray against some of the ideas you have that would make me sick, and I pray that some of the ideas that make me optimistic come to fruition.

But most of all, I hold out hope.  I hold out a real hope that I am not of this world and that ultimately, there could not have been a perfect choice for leader of Canada because all humans are flawed sinners.  A long time ago, I gave up on the idea that I needed to vote in a leader who would perfectly espouse Christian values, because even Christian values within different sides of Christianity are dramatically different.

My hope for you in your next four years is that you stay you.  Don’t let the media, your cabinet, the opposition, or the public tell you how to be you.  You know how to do that better than anyone.  You ran a smart, respectable campaign.  You’re an intelligent man.  Do what you can with what you have, trust those closest to you, and stay true to what got you in.

You’ve been received well by a lot of Canadians — we had the highest turnout of voters in 2 decades, and you won back an unfathomable amount of seats, especially considering how far your party fell at the hands of Michael Ignatieff.

Please do well.  Fight hard for Canada, and fight hard for Canadians.  We’ve put a great deal of implied trust in you, and I urge you to please not take that for granted.

Ultimately, though, I trust in my God and my King, and so I relinquish all of the stress and mild freak outs that this election has caused, and I give it up.

Mr. Trudeau, I’m excited to see what you can do, and I hope you’ll do it well, but in the end — my place is not here.  So while I’m keeping an eye on you, I’m also trusting that God has a plan for my country.  While I respect your power as Prime Minister a great deal, I mean no offense when I tell you that you can’t hold a candle to that.  Even if my Canada doesn’t stay the same, I take refuge knowing that the Kingdom for which I’m bound will.




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