’til you kiss me quiet

oh, this song….. I sing this song at the top of my lungs in the car every time it comes on.

Have you heard this song?  To me, it means a lot.  I don’t know if this is the song’s intent, but it’s like an anthem for every girl who’s every been told she talks too much, and it gives me hope that some day I’ll find someone who will think it’s adorable, and who will shut me up by kissing me instead of rolling his eyes at me and asking if I ever stop talking.

Check it:

Footnote:  Jess Moskaluke has an unbelievable voice.  This isn’t even going to be a humble brag — just a brag — but I don’t normally find that I struggle to sing along with much that I listen to.  There are only two female artists I can think of in the country market that I really struggle to belt with.  One is Carrie Underwood, and the other is Jess Moskaluke.  Huge respect.

Here are the lyrics.


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