This bothers me a latte…..

Alright, Western Christian World, please hear me.

The rest of the Western World thinks we’re insane right now.  INSANE.  Now, I say we very loosely, and ONLY because I know that there are many people out there right now shaking their heads because all the crazy Christians are at it again.  You see, the only interest I have in a Starbucks boycott is one that makes my preferred poison a little cheaper.  I have grown up things to buy, and in September I realized I spent 70.00 at Starbucks, and I freaked out a little.  The only good reason I have for a boycott is that my Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, Soy, No Whip (with Laura written on the cup) costs $6.38 and that’s just crazy.

Not because the cups are red.

Certainly not because the cups are red.

But a pastor in Arizona has decided that it’s a fight worth fighting.

Let me ask a question:  When did Starbucks begin to define our relationship with Jesus?  Because Starbucks sure doesn’t define mine.  In my world, the only place where Jesus and Starbucks intersect is the place where I want to be able to be generous and helpful with the money I’m blessed with, and I can’t do that very well when I dump $70.00 in 30 days on coffee.  The end.

I typically like to stay out of these discussions — the ones where, as a culture, we seem to get all bent out of shape because someone said Happy Holidays to us instead of Merry Christmas, or because Starbucks didn’t put the appropriate number of Snowflakes and Reindeer on their cups this year.  Or maybe it’s because “O Holy Night” isn’t allowed to be sung as widely as “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”  I don’t even care.  None of that gets in the way of my relationship with Jesus.  I’ve never been a “Keep Christ in Christmas” kind of person, because none of it ever will.  Christ has always been in my Christmas, and always will be.

And quite frankly, the fact that Christ is not the focus of Starbucks when they plan their November-December advertising campaigns does not surprise me.  You know what would?  A Nativity Scene on a Starbucks cup.  Because Starbucks is not a Christian organization, claiming to believe in or support the message of Jesus.  For the same reason that I don’t expect my politicians to deliver policies and laws that all line up with Biblical principles, I don’t expect Starbucks to advertise with Jesus in mind.  Not Starbucks, not Wal Mart, not anything.  Not unless somewhere in their mission statement they claim to be believers and supporters of the message of Jesus Christ would I expect advertising to reflect that.

Never mind that by very definition, those out there who are freaking out can’t even seem to figure out how to boycott…. I mean, honestly, go to Starbucks and tell the barista your name is “Merry Christmas” so they’ll have to write that on the cup?  The barista doesn’t care!  He or she makes minimum wage to serve you your coffee.  He is not the one who designed the red cup, nor is she the one who makes marketing decisions.  The very fact that you’re STILL BUYING THE COFFEE makes it not a boycott.

I’ve boycotted a few things in my day.  Starbucks happens to be one of them.  You see, last year, of all the atrocities, Starbucks decided not to run the Egg Nog Latte in Ontario.  I joined the #wewantboth Twitter movement.  I wrote angry emails.  And I never once gave in and bought a Gingerbread Latte.  I was done with Starbucks.  Until, of course, they caved under the #wewantboth pressure and released the egg nog latte in late November, and then I drank like 4 a week until Christmas.  #Confessiontime.

I boycotted Boston Pizza once because they charged me 2.00 for a little cup of mayonnaise for my fries when they wouldn’t have charged me at all if I used a whole bottle of ketchup.  They also didn’t tell me that was going to happen when I asked for it.  Granted, I didn’t like Boston Pizza that much to begin with, so I like to use that as a good reason not to go ever again, but it’s mostly because I just don’t want to.

I also boycotted Subway because the Sandwich Artist wouldn’t give me extra green pepper on my egg salad sub when that was the only vegetable I wanted, and said she’d have to charge me double vegetables.  That lasted until the next time I wanted a sub — and the next time I had a different sandwich artist and she seemed to be ok with me wanting extra green peppers instead of anything else.

All this to say — I’m guilty of boycotting restaurants and establishments for unbelievably stupid reasons.

But boycotting Starbucks because they’re waging a war on Christmas?  That’s absurd.  Donald Trump suggested a Starbucks boycott over it, so…. count me out.

However, Ellen DeGeneres did get in on it, and the result was, as usual, awesome.  If you’re not an Ellen fan, just don’t watch the clip… but… satire at its finest.

I am genuinely concerned that we all look crazy.  Can I wave a “I’m not crazy” flag?  There is one portion of Christians who seem to see a war on Christmas everywhere, and may even genuinely believe that they are being persecuted.  Well…. they’re not.

So if you’re one of the people who believes that Starbucks has personally affronted you in some way this season, please keep reading — because I have compiled a wide variety of sources that show just what people think of us right now.

If you’re one of the people who think that believing in Jesus means I am in with the Starbucks boycott — please understand that for a large, huge, giant number of us… this is not true.  Even Candace Cameron Bure got in on the posting action this morning — to confirm that red Starbucks cups have nothing to do with the Christian worldview of Christmas, and that Starbucks is delicious.

Starbucks War on Christmas?

It’s a red cup, folks.

Until Starbucks puts a baby Jesus or nativity scene on the cup while saying Merry Christmas, then pulls it because they say it’s offensive, let’s talk. I don’t remember Starbucks ever being a Christian company, do you?

A Santa, a snowflake, some holly, a polar bear, some jingle bells or plain red cup don’t define Christmas for me as a Christian. My relationship with Jesus does.

So, I will joyfully sip on my Starbucks coffee, in a plain red cup, and instead of complaining about the lack of decorations, I will lovingly share the good news of Jesus Christ with friends and co-workers or anyone who’s willing to engage in conversation.

Merry Christmas to all!

Just…. don’t we have better things to worry about?

Image Source

Another Facebook user (Austin Blood) says:

This morning I saw something on The Today Show that absolutely blew my brain. Apparently Starbucks has redesigned the look of their annual holiday cup and people are up in arms over the change. Like, REALLY up in arms. As in folks are so furious that it’s become national news.


Over a cup?

I guess these stiffs are angry because they feel this year’s cup doesn’t accurately represent the holiday season. Gone are the snowflakes, snowmen, and mistletoe from years past and in their place is a simple red cup with a green Starbucks logo. As a result, Starbucks now stands accused of waging a war on Christmas.


We’ve got ISIS planting on bombs on passenger planes, children being sold into sexual slavery, millions of Syrian refugees wondering where their next meal will come from and you folks are screaming about a cup?

If that isn’t absurd, I don’t know what is.

Tell me something…

How does this even begin to compare to the REAL problems we face? Like the single mother who struggles to put food on her table? Or the grief-stricken father who’s losing his son to cancer?

There’s absolutely NO comparison.

And it’s only because your life is so blessed and carefree that you even have the luxury of getting your Rudolph the Reindeer knickers in a twist over something so petty. So Starbucks redesigned their cup with a minimalist theme. So what? It’s not a war on Christmas, an assault on your belief system or an attack on traditional values. It’s a cup. Plain and simple.

So here’s a thought for you…

Instead of trying to change the cup, be thankful you can afford the cup. Trust me, the fact that you’re even standing in line at a Starbucks means your life is pretty damn good. So focus on that instead. Life is way too short to get your panties in a wad over something so petty and insignificant.

So now that we’re clear, won’t you join me for a Starbucks coffee with a side of holiday cheer? I certainly hope so. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your shiny red cup.

All the best,

Austin Blood

and while I don’t like the way words like “you people” are thrown around, I have to say, I agree with everything he said… including the picture he posted with his post. #areyouserious?

Image Source

Image Source

So, all this to say:  I’ve been trying to avoid Starbucks because of the cost, but just to satisfy some innate longing to not fall victim to this madness, I’d like to offer anyone who wants to join me in having a Chestnut Praline Latte this week, for no other reason than they’re delicious.

That’s all.


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