Fatal Frost

This was a wonderfully suspenseful book.  Fatal Frost was a perfect mix of suspense and just a bit of a hint at romance.  I like it like that — when the romance doesn’t overwhelm the story.  Not that I mind the odd romance novel, I just find them wholly unrealistic, and so I tend to stick to mystery and suspense.  This had all of it!

This was my first Nancy Mehl book, though it appears she’s written plenty.  I flew through the book in about 23 hours total.  I read it over my Christmas break, which certainly helped in the amount of time I had to knock off a book, but even still, it was just wonderful.

Mercy Brennan is a US Marshal with a complicated relationship with her father.  When her father pops back into her life though, she ends up in danger because of his ties to St. Louis’s most powerful gang.  Mercy, along with her ex-boyfriend (also a Marshal) and her best friend (a police officer) are assigned to take her out of town to get her away from danger.  They wind up stranded in a winter ice storm, and the suspense just builds from there.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good suspense, and who likes it when they just can’t put a book down.

I loved the characters, and the depth Mehl provided to them even while keeping the suspense building.


Book was provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.


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