No Matter What Happens, You’re Going To Be Ok….

I don’t know if I totally agree with this prompt title.  It’s part of Holley Gerth‘s Coffee For Your Heart, though, so I’m supposed to be encouraging.  I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve battled many many things.  Hard things.  Things they never thought they’d be ok at the end of… and things that changed their lives forever.

But…. I also know that the God I love and serve is a powerful, powerful God.  I also know that every single time that I’ve handed over whatever’s bothering, perturbing, distressing, plaguing me… whatever -ing verb you want to use… when I give that over to God, it becomes clear that I am going to be OK.

Now.  Am I saying that praying makes everything peachy keen and there’s nothing that can touch me?  That everything’s going to be sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows?  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I’m NOT saying that.  I’d be lying to you if I were, because it’s so simply untrue.

With that cleared up, now that you understand that I’m not saying that praying cures every issue, I can say what I really am saying.

What I really am saying, and I will stand behind this for life…

“No matter what happens, you’re (eventually) going to be OK, because the God of the Universe is on the side of those who love Him.”

We’re not promised easy roads.  In fact, we’re promised difficulty and strife in life as a Christian…. but I do know that God has my back, and that even if my situations don’t improve — sometimes they don’t — when I give up my circumstances and trust my Creator, I feel more prepared to tackle them and face them with a realistic understanding of what they are.

Holley Gerth has a book that’s just been released called “You’re Going to be OK.”  I haven’t ordered it yet, but it is sitting in my Amazon “later” cart, which holds all kinds of books and just waits for me to have money to spend 🙂  I love Holley’s blog, though, and am currently reading another of her books called You’re Made For a God-Sized Dream, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.


You’re Not Alone.

I was driving into Cambridge yesterday and I witnessed an absolutely glorious sunset.

I’m a sunset kind of girl, myself.  I witness a mere handful of sunrises in any given year, because personally, I think life starts better at noon…. With that in mind, it’s certainly not the sun coming up that fills my heart, but rather the sun going down (since I’d rather not be awake while the sun is coming up…. ever).

I’ve been following Holley Gerth for a while, as a blogger and an author.  I have a couple of her books and I read each and every new post, faithfully.  She’s a fantastic writer.  Check her out.  But I digress.

I was driving, as I mentioned… which means that in Ontario, it’s illegal to whip out a cell phone and take a picture of a spectacular sunset.  Not only is it illegal, it’s dangerous.  I’m not saying I’m innocent of it, but especially when the roads are snowy, it’s not a risk I was interested in taking.

So instead of taking a picture with my camera phone, I took a picture in my brain, and I’m going to try to paint you a word picture.

I crested a hill.

To the West, the sky was turning a dazzling array of spectacular colours that I’m not sure I could name if I tried.  There were pinks, reds, blues, oranges, purples, grays… all of which blended together to create an almost divine glow.  Yesterday had been pretty much clear ~ hardly any clouds.  The very few clouds there were in the sky all seemed to congregate in the West, and they hovered just above the setting pinky red glow of the sun.

I went into a dip and around a bend, and I lost sight of the sun, though the clouds — now turning a deep shade of royal purple, were still visible.  When I came back up and crested another hill, it was all I could do to stay focused on the road.  I knew I couldn’t take a picture, but I had to keep reminding myself that I also couldn’t just gaze at the glory.

How clear does God have to be sometimes?  I’m here.  I’m everywhere.  I’m in the sunset.  I’m in each moment.  I’m with you.  I’ve got your back.  I felt so safe.  I felt so secure.  I certainly didn’t feel alone.

God’s there.  God’s everywhere.  And I find a lot of times, I don’t really even need to look that hard.

Holley Gerth has us writing for Coffee For Your Heart this week, and the topic was “You’re Not Alone.”  I gotta tell ya… a God that paints that kind of a picture just to put the sun to bed… He’s clearly got things to say, and I don’t think a single one of those things is “you’re alone.”


You’re Loved.

So for a little while, I’ve been following this fantastic blogger (and I now own a couple of her books) named Holley Gerth.  She’s another one of those who writes into my heart.

She’s started “Coffee For Your Heart,” which allows those what want to join in a chance to be encouraging (with prompts she sends out) every Wednesday, whether through their blog, their Facebook, or a Tweet.

Coffee-for-Your-Heart-150I was apprehensive about whether or not I’d join in on this… but I’ve decided that it’ll be good to be stretched beyond a random prompt and into one that is kind of serious.

So today’s prompt is simply “You’re Loved.”

I’ve decided to write a letter to all my students.  I understand that they won’t see it, but I find that when I really focus on the reason that I keep teaching, even on the hard days, it makes me better at what I do, and that helps me encourage my students by extension.

So here it goes.

Dear Kidlets:

I want you to know that the reason I drag my butt out of bed on weekday mornings is not just because I have to and because they pay me to.  I do it because you make me laugh with your antics, with the way you see things, and with the things you say.  It’s because I’m not succeeding unless you’re succeeding, and so neither of us can succeed if I’m not there.  It’s because when I see you finally get something that you’ve been struggling with, your persistence makes me beam with pride.  It’s because I’m watching you grow up before my very eyes, and I’m so proud of the people you’ll become some day.  You’ve all got potential to be someone amazing, and I truly hope that each one of you harnesses that potential and soars.

Some days it may not seem like I love you that much.  You see, sometimes love from a teacher looks tough.  Sometimes I say no to things you really want, or I make you do things you really don’t want to do.  Whether you’re 6, 10, or 14, I promise I’m doing my best to make decisions that are best for you, even if they seem like I’m out to make you miserable.

Sometimes you may think my rules are stupid, but they’re there to keep you safe.  Like this morning in gym when I said we’re going to do a relay where we have to hold hands, and so I said NO RUNNING because when we run holding hands, it’s really really dangerous and we can fall and hurt ourselves… I was doing it not because it’s less fun to walk, but because I didn’t want you to get hurt.  It nearly broke my heart when one of you wiped out and bumped your head, and that’s why I ran to you to help you up and scooped you up to get you some ice.

I want you to know that the reason I’m there every day is so I can teach you about more than just what’s in the books.  I want to teach you how to handle conflict.  I want to teach you how to get along with each other, even if you don’t like each other.  I want to teach you how to be kind to one another, show compassion, and to accept people’s differences so that we can all live together peacefully.  I know these are lofty goals, but if I can be an influence in even one of your precious lives, and make an impact that years from now makes you remember me and smile, I’ll know I’ve done my job.  I’ll know I’ve done it very well if you can remember me and smile, and then remember an important lesson that I taught you.  Hopefully it’ll have nothing to do with curriculum.

Kiddos, I know this has been sappy, but I have to tell you… that even when you’re challenging to teach, I still love you.  Without you guys, I wouldn’t have a job to do at all, but you certainly keep it interesting.  Keep it up.