The Road to Becoming

I’m a touch late with this review.  Whoops!  But it was a book I had to make sure I read!  It was so good that for hours on end I found myself not wanting to put it down.

Jenny Simmons used to be in a Christian band called Addison Road, which was apparently pretty well-known, though I guess maybe I’d switched to Country music by that point?  I didn’t know her story.  I didn’t know who she was.  But her book has changed that.

Jenny Simmons has written a delightfully deep, but also enchantingly funny, and heart-warmingly charming book about her life on the road specifically, but about how that led to being able to find God when she felt completely lost.

She talks about being on a road that she feels is going nowhere (and I know I’ve been there before), about barely being able to function some days, and about total meltdowns in grocery stores.  She shares the revelation (though it shouldn’t be a revelation) that God comes to us and speaks to us when we’re still, when we’re listening quietly, and when we’re tuned in to hear His voice… not when we’re clanging about and wanting Him to scream from mountain tops.

I feel like this book has given me permission to own my grief when things go wrong for me.  Many times, I’ve been in a position similar to Jenny’s, though under different circumstances (which she makes abundantly clear will usually be the case), and have felt through those hard times that no one cared, and that I didn’t have a right to be upset over the loss of _____________.  Whether that was a job, a home, a car, a friendship, a relationship, a pet… whatever.  No one gets to tell me how to grieve, and my ability to grieve the way I need to will let me move on when I need to instead of months or years later.

I would encourage anyone who’s ever felt like they were stumbling around through life, not really knowing the path that lies ahead, to check this book out.  It’s so candidly written, it almost feels like I sat down for coffee with Jenny Simmons and we shared our life stories.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


I received this book in exchange for my honest thoughts as part of a review program from Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. in conjunction with Baker Publishing Group.  I was not required to give a positive review (though I can’t say nice enough things!)