Not By Sight | A Book Review

I was gone all summer, and while I was gone I read 11 books.  I thought I had created this great new habit in myself, until I got home and discovered that the only reason I was able and willing to sow such a great habit was that I didn’t have the Internet available to stream Netflix.

Before I left, I started reading “Not By Sight” by Kate Breslin.  As much as I read so much so quickly in the two months between school ending and starting back up, this book was not one of them.  I found that it started very slowly.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a feminist and I love how far we’ve come as a gender in gaining recognition as not being sub-human.  So when I read the description of a book about a suffragette who desperately wanted to help with the war effort in World War 1 England, I was very excited.  I was a little disappointed though because it started off so slowly.

It did pick up.  Once Grace joins the war effort in her own way, and her life gets entangled into Jack’s (I won’t say more than that), it does get interesting.  I dare say that Kate Breslin has quite a way with words in the way she has Grace use them.  I loved that part.

It struck me very much as reminiscent of Downton Abbey, which I like but don’t find it has enough action to it… and that’s probably where my review comes from as well.

Once the book got to the end, I found I was left wanting more.  I suppose what I wanted was more World War 1 detail, and more battle-style conflict.  To me, when I read a WWI or WWII era historical novel, I always revel in the historical details.  This being a historical romance though, that wasn’t the focus and I understand that.  The book was decent if you stick through the slow start, I just wish there had been more action.  The historical details were thoroughly researched, and Breslin paints a brilliant picture of what Britain would have looked like in 1917.

If you’re looking for a good romance with characters that will fight their odds and the circumstances that life throws at them, then “Not By Sight” would be a good choice for you.

This review was written in exchange for a copy of the book, provided by Graf Martin Communications, Inc. and Bethany House Publishing.  I did not have to provide a positive review.