The Things I Can/Can’t Live Without

So I’ve dropped the ball.  Another NaBloPoMo started yesterday, and I didn’t figure it out until yesterday at like 11:45 pm and by then I was tired, so I didn’t write.  It hadn’t occurred to me that it was March 1st.  In theory, I should’ve been writing anyway because I did sign up for February’s NaBloPoMo as well, but I guess I dropped the ball on that one, too.  March 2014’s theme is Self.  I actually had a conversation with a good friend tonight about how I don’t like talking about myself with complete strangers — I tend to clam up.  But give me a keyboard?  Watch out.  I realize that in actuality, this means even more strangers read the deep thoughts that spill through my fingers — but that’s just it — they spill much more freely through my fingers than they do from my mouth.  So if you don’t know me very well yet, prepare to learn new things about me through this month’s Self blog.

There’s no prompt for today, so I guess I’m left to my own devices right now.

But I was struck with an original thought this morning!  Sometimes I have those.  I was sitting in church listening mostly intently to the sermon (I could summarize it for you, I was listening, but it’s about to sound like I wasn’t).  I was sitting with a dear friend, her husband, and her three girls.  After the younger two had disappeared off to Junior Church, it was us three adults, and my friend’s 9 year old, who was scribbling furiously in a notebook she’d brought with her.  Curious, I glanced over.  I noticed a couple of things.  Firstly, I noticed how neat her printing is.  She’s a Grade 4 teacher’s dream.  Lovely penmanship on that girl.

But then I saw what she was writing.  She was writing lists of things she can and can’t live without.  At that point, I stopped being so snoopy and I let the girl write.  Her Momma peeked at some of them, and shared some of them, but I turned my attention back to the sermon and tried not to let the now-mulling blog post inspiration (gleaned from a 9 year old… maybe she’s 10… anyway) distract me from the deep meaning that was in this morning’s message.

But now that I’ve had the afternoon to think this through, please enjoy getting to know me by experiencing the top ten things I can and can’t live without.

I Can Not live without (only a couple of them are in order — for example, Jesus is definitely number 1, but peanut butter isn’t the second most important thing in my life):

  1. Jesus
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. The Bible – every inerrant word of it.
  4. Music — all of it.  Mostly the fiddle though.  And country.  And…. ok Music.
  5. My fam jam.
  6. My dear, dear friends.  The ones right here in my city, the ones I only see at Camp, the ones I left in Niagara when I moved away from home, the ones all over, and that random one in Wasaga Beach whom I think I’d miss even if I’d never met her 😛  You know who you are.
  7. The dog.  This face.
  8. Carbs.  It’s been a proven fact.  Science! :p
  9. My cognitive ability to express myself through the written word — even if it comes at the expense of my willingness to be verbally expressive.  Oh, and books.  This has to go here or I’ll go over ten… and I know I make the rules, but top 11 lists are just bizarre.
  10. Facebook.  Legit — think I’d perish.  Social media in general.  Maybe this is bad?  I dunno.  I refuse to buy into that.  Probs my phone, too… let’s be real.
  11. I caved.  Had to go to 11 anyway.  Disregard the rant in 9.  Movies.  They can’t go away.


And now, before I snooze, the 10 things I most definitely CAN live without:

  1. Mean peeps, and general awko taco situations.
  2. Snow.  All of it.  Be gone.  (except on December 24-25)
  3. My slow metabolism and the resulting occasional bout of low self-esteem.
  4. Math (this probably isn’t true, though it’d be fun to try)
  5. Report Cards.  Gosh.  You’d think as a writer I’d hate these less, but… not true.  Loathsome things, they are.
  6. Going to the dentist.
  7. The sense of entitlement that is so prevalent in many of the kiddos I teach right now.  Note:  I am not saying I can live without the kiddos.  I love them.  They just need to understand that they don’t just deserve stuff… not just because.
  8. Staff Meetings.
  9. Car and House Maintenance — things need to quit breaking.  For real.
  10. Bathing Suit shopping.


Get ready to learn lots about me this month!  It’s gonna happen!

The 10 Greatest Things About Being a Kid

I have not been a kid in 20ish years, but I teach them every day.  I think, if I could give up my independence and go back to being a kid for a day, these would be the 10 reasons I’d do so.  Probably the only 10 reasons though… cuz most days I just don’t think I could deal with the drama that accompanies being a kid.  (Inspired by my two kindergarten classes and the prompt found at Mama Kat’s Losin It)

Anyway, here’s the list — Letterman style — last to greatest.

10.  You don’t have to do up your own coat or tie your own shoes (until you prove once that you’re capable, then you always have to do it).

9.  Your lunch is packed for you, and an adult will open the hard-to-open wrappers and containers for you.

8.  When someone’s reading you a story, it’s expected that you’ll call out in surprise at the idea of things like alligators living in the sewers.

7.  When you miss your Mom, it’s ok to cry.  People will even hug you for it.

6.  You get invited to everyone’s birthday party, and celebrate pretty much every holiday during school time with parades and wicked fun crafts.

5.  Everything you’re learning is new, so pretty much everything’s exciting and mind-blowing.

4.  Along with # 5, the adults in your life are very quick to praise you to no end for every simple discovery.

3.  Your laughter is intoxicating and makes others laugh with you.

2.  You can say and do really cheeky things and get away with it because you’re unbelievably precious.  (e.g. kids saying things like “point taken,” “my listening ears are broken,” and “my thinking cap fell off,” and when you win a game and do the biggest gun-show ever)

1.  It doesn’t matter how ridiculous you look in your class picture, the picture is still absolutely adorable.

Also, while I’m here, PLEASE read this post by Angelina at The Road to Roma called “An Open Letter To God (re:  online dating).  It pretty much sums up my feelings about online dating right now.  Angelina… it’s like I could have written it myself.